Each of us cares about our well-being, because it’s the guarantor of our life comfort, professional and private success, achievement of goals set and self-fulfilment. When we are full of positive energy, it’s easy for us to face the adversities that put a cruel fate on our path. If you have been struggling with a bad mood for a long time, you are irritated, you are accompanied by failures, learn how to effectively improve your well-being.

Take care of your body

Body care, not only in the cosmetic form, but also from the inside (for example, including the principles of healthy nutrition) has long been the most important principle that most of us follow. In recent times, the cult of health, athletic body, physical activity and a balanced diet are circulating in our immediate environment. However, despite the fact that many of us have a desire to care for our own body, we cannot motivate ourselves to activities that will guarantee us the fulfilment of the expected results. It’s worth mentioning that the human body constantly sends us countless signals that we do not receive or do not want to hear. It’s worth to ensure that our physicality interacts with our inner self.

The human genetic code has always been the same, and despite the passage of time, it has not changed. It’s based primarily on providing the body with food, living in the community and practicing physical activity. Applying these simple rules guarantees happiness and well-being.

Vitamins and minerals

A healthy diet should be based on a high amount of vitamins and minerals. The most important of these is magnesium, which has a significant impact on the functioning of the nervous system. An important role is also played by vitamins from the B group, with an emphasis on vitamin B1, which is responsible for improving memory and improving mental processes. It’s also an indispensable element for the production of acetylcholine, a substance that participates in the transmission of nerve stimuli.

For the work of the nervous system, vitamin B6 (otherwise known as pyridoxine) also plays an important role. It supports the absorption of the above-mentioned magnesium and is a necessary factor for the formation of non-uptransmitters (serotonin, noradrenaline and dopamine). It’s worth mentioning that their deficiency may cause depression, anxiety and also affect the reduction of mental performance.

Vitamin B12, in turn, acts as a stimulant for the production of myelin sheath, which is responsible for the protection of nerve cells and supports the impulse conduction.

Back to the point, in addition to magnesium, it’s also worth remembering to provide the body with the right amount of potassium. That’s what influences the maintenance of normal nerve work and prevents muscle cramps, which are often caused by stress.

When applying a healthy diet, we often forget about taking folic acid. It’s an essential ingredient in pregnant women’s diet, but its consumption is completely neglected on a daily basis. This is a huge mistake, because folic acid has a significant impact on the functioning of the brain. Its supplementation should be used primarily by people who have problems with maintaining well-being, because it’s responsible for reducing the nervous tension.

What in addition to the diet?

Obvious is the fact that a healthy diet alone will not improve our wellbeing. Other factors that we should strictly adhere to have also an impact on it. One of the most important is to provide the body with the right amount of sleep and rest, which we often forget. It’s at the moment when we are asleep that we regenerate the most, we gain strength, which we will later be able to use to fulfil our duties.

You cannot miss spending time outdoors and practicing physical activity. Ideally, these activities are combined with each other. This results in optimal oxygenation of the body, including nerve cells, as well as the secretion of the happiness hormone, which in turn results in a better frame of mind.

What sport for calming down the nerves?

One of the best ways to get rid of mental tension and to achieve a state of relaxation is meditation. It takes the form of a relaxation technique that significantly reduces the stress level. One of the most commonly used types is Zen meditation, consisting of taking a sitting position (with straight back), closing eyes and making deep breaths. During meditation, it’s necessary to relax the body, calm the mind, and forget about the problems completely and – what is important – counting the breaths.

Another natural factor eliminating stress is commonly known yoga. This type of activity allows you to get rid of stress, anxiety and even depression. Practicing yoga also affects the proper oxygenation, eliminating the feeling of tiredness, and thus – adding energy to the body.

The discharge of negative energy is facilitated by more and more often practiced martial arts, for example by blowing off steam on the punching bag. This type of sport not only affects the peace of the soul, but also helps to teach self-control, humbleness and control of emotions.