The impact of sex on well-being

Times when topics related to sex were taboo are forgotten. Nowadays, we are not ashamed to talk about aspects related to our physicality, on the contrary – we are more likely to openly express our opinions about coexistence. We more often talk about the benefits of having sex, especially those involving our mental sphere. It’s worth knowing that sexual intercourse largely affects not only physical health, but also causes innumerable positive effects on the human psyche, and above all it’s responsible for maintaining well-being.

What are the benefits of having sex?

In addition to the above-mentioned positives of sexual intercourse, it’s also important that sex largely affects the extension of our existence, which many times has been proven by numerous scientific studies, including those conducted by the American Scientist Clinic in Mayo.

The advantages of sex should primarily be seen by females, because it soothes the symptoms of the menstrual cycle – after ovulation. In addition, sex also affects maintaining the body’s firmness, makes the skin elastic and even makes the hair shinier. This is because intercourse stimulates the dilation of blood vessels, which in turn is associated with better blood transport throughout the body.

Sex to reduce stress?

Referring to the main subject, i.e. to improving well-being, the key aspect is that successful sexual intercourse has a significant impact on human emotional states. There is a reason why it’s commonly said that sex is health – not only physical, but also psychological. It helps to relieve stress, which, after all, accompanies most of us every day. The process is carried out in such a way that during intercourse serotonin, responsible for a good mood, is secreted. It’s worth mentioning that sex also improves concentration and creativity, stimulates thought processes, including the process of remembering and positively affects the divisibility of attention.

During sexual intercourse, just before the climax, oxytocin levels are increased fivefold, which in turn results in the secretion of endorphins, or hormones of happiness, responsible for the feeling of euphoria. Having sex stimulates the activity of neurons responsible for emotional states. It’s also related to the so-called a reward centre, i.e. an element of the nervous system that affects behaviour control and motivation. Researchers have linked the action of sexual intercourse to popular stimulants, including alcohol, and even drugs that, as you know, cause an increase in pleasure.

Sex helps with weight loss!

Certainly you have heard that sex is the best of all physical activities. Bull’s-eye! During intercourse, we can burn up to 400 calories, which corresponds to half an hour of jogging. In addition, sex strengthens the muscles of the buttocks, pelvis, thighs and abdomen, making the body slimmer and firmer. This is great news for people who do not necessarily like regular sport exercise in traditional forms, such as running or going to the gym, and they want to lose a few extra kilos and improve their figure.

Does masturbation improve your well-being?

As you know, masturbation is stimulation of your own sexual organs, in order to achieve an orgasm. For many hundreds of years, activities related to masturbation were considered a huge sin, a completely negative element of life that can lead to many harmful effects, such as infertility or mental disorders. That is completely incorrect. Modern research on the human sexual sphere refutes all myths associated with masturbation. As the results show, masturbation can carry innumerable positives for physical and mental health.

It was generally accepted that mainly pubescent people masturbate. To some extent, this is a fact, because the period of puberty is associated with the desire to learn about your own body, as well as to satisfy your sexual needs. However, masturbation is used not only by adolescents but also by mature people who, for example, want to diversify their sex life, stay for a long time in separation from their loved one or are simply single.

What positive effects does masturbation bring?

– Helps release the tension;

– Facilitates falling asleep;

– Calms your nerves;

– Reduces the level of stress;

– Stimulates the secretion of happiness hormones, and consequently – improves well-being;

– Allows you to focus on your own pleasure;

– Influences the firming and blood supply of the skin;

– Increases resistance to pain;

– Lowers the markers of anxiety and stress;

– Relieves migraine headaches;

– Causes a feeling of relaxation;

– Raises self-esteem.