Achieving mental balance and improving well-being – necessary rules

Mental balance is an extremely important factor conditioning happiness of every human being. We want to strive for the goals set, to accomplish ourselves, both by improving our own body and intellect, for example by acquiring education and expanding knowledge. We want to progress professionally, climbing up the ladder of our careers, and privately, fulfilling ourselves as a spouse or a parent. We have passions, secret dreams, to which we strive with incredible enthusiasm. However, in each of our lives there are situations in which the level of motivation and satisfaction with life significantly decreases. In order to feel completely fulfilled or to strive for self-fulfilling processes, it’s necessary to achieve a mental balance. There are golden rules that seemingly are treated as trivial theories, and in fact they can bring a lot of benefits in everyone’s life.

Overload of duties – how to deal with it?

You have certainly often encountered a situation where the failure to perform duties made it impossible to spend time with relatives or with yourself. The ubiquitous rush of a career, earning money, acquiring academic titles, and even competing with each other, causes the complete lack of time for a hobby, a moment of relaxation, a sufficient amount of sleep and rest, or spending moments with loved ones. If such a moment has occurred in your life, you should seriously consider what elements are your priority. A decisive facilitation will be to write a list on a piece of paper that you place somewhere that you visit several times a day, e.g. above the bed or in the kitchen. These types of activities are necessary to remind you of the most important aspects when you simply forget about your needs during everyday tasks.

It’s worth being aware that we – people, are not programmed machines that are able to do countless duties in one day and do everything that comes to mind. What life would be like if we could meet any expectations of ourselves or our loved ones with a flick of a finger? Would not we be a victim of monotony and would not we fall into a trap without a way out – the ubiquitous dissatisfaction with everyday life?


In order to achieve full mental balance, it’s necessary to realize what is most important in your life, what you want (not have to) to pursue. Does the current occupation (not only professional but also private) give you due satisfaction and a feeling of fulfilment? Do you feel that you need someone and do something really important in life? The answer to these questions will be of great help in regaining the peace of the soul.

You are constantly trying to satisfy others – start thinking about yourself!

Many people completely forget about their needs, trying only and exclusively to meet the expectations of others. It’s logical that if we permanently associate with a partner, we create a family, and so we stay with each other on a daily basis, we must to some extent adapt to its requirements. However, it often happens that in the vortex of gratification of loved ones, we completely deviate from fulfilling one’s desires and even expressing an individual opinion on specific topics. Never forget that you are a human being, so you have feelings, needs, both physical and emotional. Do not let your humanity be lost. Each of us has the right to create our life in a way that we choose. Long-term fulfilment of the requirements of other people, completely ignoring our needs, is unhealthy, inhumane and leading to mental disorder.


People who are constantly dissatisfied with our actions, direct our claims, blame a lot of things that we often do not have any influence on – we will never get full satisfaction with our behaviour. You are not able to satisfy them fully, even if you did something completely impossible.

Eliminate the destruction!

We are often in a situation where people with whom we are extremely often and even on a daily basis have a completely destructive impact on our lives. Often, we do not notice elements used by the environment, aimed to persuade us to do something that seems to be the best way for us, and in fact is the path leading us into a snare. If you have noticed that the person with whom you are keeping in touch you uses impure techniques, do not hesitate – completely end this relationship. At such moments, it’s not important that you know them since kindergarten and breaking off contacts will be painful. Think about what you feel when it drives you into the corner, while benefiting.

Change your lifestyle by 180 degrees

It’s not easy to end up with the habits that accompany us, even when we are fully aware of the negative effects of specific activities. It’s definitely hard to say goodbye to addictions, especially when they’re with us on a daily basis (e.g. smoking). There are innumerable products on the market that, according to producers are to help us to break the addiction. However, it’s worth remembering that the most important factor is our psyche. It’s impossible to give up addiction if we do not have the right attitude.

In this case, it’s necessary to realize – why am I doing this? What benefits will it give me? What negatives and positives give me the addiction? If you decide to take a step, which involves completely disregarding negative habits, it’s necessary for you to burn into your head, the words “I CAN DO THIS”. Such tips seemingly may seem completely trivial, but delving into the human psychic realm really help in a variety of processes.

A great way to get rid of ruining habits is to introduce other people into our lives – healthy ones that will only have positive effects. This will allow you to fill the so-called emptiness after everyday activities that we have done before and will completely change our lives for the better. One of them is, of course, changing the current diet. If you have not focused on what you eat before – now is the best time to change it! Deficiencies in the human body can cause many disease problems, not only related to physicality, but also those affecting the psyche. To protect yourself against health problems, be sure to enter as much of your vitamins and minerals as you like in your daily menu, eliminate fatty and highly processed products, full of preservatives, emulsifiers, trans fats and other harmful chemicals! It will also be necessary to supplement preparations in the form of tablets, because as we know – we are not able to provide the body with nutrients needed only for food, especially if we do sports.

Sport! This is another element that will accompany you on the new path of life. Do not be afraid, you do not have to start hardcore, especially if you have not done any physical activity before. Try to combine sports with pleasure and passion – for example, choose to go to the mountains (instead of spending holidays at the beach), sign up for martial arts (it will bring further benefits, i.e. increase your self-defence possibilities), go for a bike ride (you do not have to reach 80 / h at all), sign up for the swimming pool, go for a walk in the forest (you also oxygenate the cells of your body). There really are a lot of ways to get satisfaction from sports, avoiding fatigue and lack of satisfaction with your own actions.