One theme of the last two decades of my life has been: how do I make my money doing what I love? This blog and my website is part of finding the answer to this question.

I have been blogging fairly consistently for a couple of years now and have read much on blogging and making money from it. Most of which I haven’t found much use; and much of what I have liked has been confusing and/or contradictory.

So, what I decided to do was to ask those who had succeeded in making their income by blogging. I interviewed six quite diverse people: they varied from the very corporate, to the thoroughly spiritual, from quite young to middle aged. They also cover a quite diverse selection of topics.

I then distilled what they had to say. (Those eBooks that just provide different interviews I find to be confusing and not much help.) The result is five themes of these people’s experience.

If you are interested in blogging or making your income by doing what you love I think there will be stuff in it for you. You can download it here.

Cost? Free, nada, zip, zilch. (Though I do plan to do more extensive versions in the coming months that I’ll charge for.)

I hope you like it. All comments most welcome.

Would you like to feel less stressed?
Could you do with more joy in your life?

The answer is living authentically. Buy the book or sign up for the course now from my Living Authentically website.

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9 Comments to “How to be a Successful Blogger”

  1. Adelaide says:

    I am reading the first few pages now, and learning about concepts like Authority Blogging.

    I do think the form is mature enough now that we have lots of wisdom and passing around ideas which work and don’t.

    It would be good to look at Mark Silver and Robb Sutton.

    Love the parts about goal-setting, from Corey’s getting one comment for each post to Weekly, Monthly and Five Years.

    And yay for passion, making it happen! (This is a quote from Footloose and Flashdance).

    And the personality is what sells blogs.

  2. Evan says:

    Hi Adelaide, I’m struck by your observation that it is the personality that sells blogs. This feels exactly right to me – but I had never thought of putting it this way. It makes me wonder about how my blog/personality is perceived. Thanks for the feedback, please leave more if you have more to say. Many thanks for your comment.

  3. Barbara says:

    In a word Evan, gentle.

  4. Adelaide says:

    Probably mindful and non-intrusive is how I would describe your personality if it came to hand.

    And reflective too. It’s probably more to do with your style than with your personality.

    And caring.

  5. Evan says:

    Thanks Adelaide. I do think my blog probably has a bit of a different personality to the in-the-flesh me. The blog is much more about my style, as you say. Thankyou, Evan

  6. Kaushik says:

    Hi Evan,
    If we look around, there is a great deal of advice in the blogoshpere about many things, perhaps more about how to make a living with blogging more than anything else. The stuff I’ve seen is usually of a scolding variety–you can do it, you should do it, because you’re crazy to be in 9 to 5 job and so on.

    It’s well worth the trouble to live authentically. Release fear, be aware, look deeply, so we can know what we’re about.

    To be a successful blogger, we have to understand what success means to us. To me, it’s doing what I love to do. I haven’t made any serious money at it. That may happen or it may not. If there is a formula, I don’t know what it is.

    Thanks, a very illuminating ebook and article.


  7. Evan says:

    Thanks Kaushik, we very much agree on what it means to be a successful blogger. Thanks for your comment.

  8. Evan thanks for visiting my site. I am going to read the ebook you are putting out. If you haven’t gotten it yet get the 31 days to build a better blog by Darren Rowse. It’s a mere $19. Also if you have $97 to blow per month for 6 months, I highly suggest Yaro Staraks Blog Mastermind. Great system and yes I feel also it is the personality that helps to sell the blog….

  9. Evan says:

    Hi NTT. I followed the 31DBBB when Darren released it in bits for free (call me cheap, I don’t mind). I’ve done Yaro’s BMM. It was really very good I think. Clearly laid out, starting with the basics, covering all areas, step by step lay out. If you’d let me know what you think of the ebook I’d be grateful. Thanks for visiting.

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