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We are pleased to announce a new resource for the trauma survivor community.

Trauma Recovery Highlights is a quarterly Ezine, with its first issue to be published in June 2010. You can access the homepage through the link included here, or through the sidebar on Mind Parts, where the Ezine will be hosted.

The goal of Trauma Recovery Highlights is to publish selective content chosen by a small editorial team. As such, we will “highlight” resources for trauma recovery from all over the Web. The focus is on all aspects of healing as well as understanding trauma and its related effects (including dissociation).

Some of the job of seeking out content (i.e., “highlights”) will come directly from the editorial team. However, we are also aiming to include content and resources submitted by anyone. All resources must be content readers can link to online. You can submit content that you have written yourself and published on a blog, for example. You can also submit blog articles from others, as well any other resources people may find helpful, such as books, peer-reviewed articles, healing activities, or anything else you would like us to consider.

To submit “highlights” for us to consider, please visit: Trauma Recovery Highlights Submissions.

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After one full year of actively blogging about these issues and being involved in the survivor community in various ways for decades, I felt there was a need for creating such a resource.

For more information, please contact

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  2. […] Announcing: Trauma Recovery Highlights Ezine « […]

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