Evan on May 20th, 2010

I think habits are here to make our lives easier. Habits, like walking, allow us to focus on doing other things – like getting to our beloved quickly, without worrying about how we do it. We can just relax and let our legs do the walking (or running perhaps). I think a good life consists […]

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Evan on May 7th, 2010

I’ve recently been thinking about how valuable habits are. In one sense our lives is the acquisition of more and better habits – so that we are freed to devote our awareness to newer domains. I’m thinking about developing some courses designed to make habitual valuable areas of our lives – the first two being […]

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Evan on January 21st, 2010

I have a guest post on the Psychology, Philosophy and Real Life blog called An Introvert’s Authenticity. The introvert referred to is yours truly. For me honouring my introversion has probably been the trickiest part of authenticity – especially at those times and in those places where you are meant to ‘sell yourself’ (I think […]

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Evan on December 5th, 2009

Michelle Vandepas has been kind enough to interview me on her show Divine Purpose. We talked a little about my background in Evangelical Christianity, what it means to live authentically, why meditation can be a problem and much more. Michelle and I have been blogging friends for a while now. We realised that we have […]

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Evan on November 8th, 2009

I have a guest post on the Psychology, Philosophy and Real Life blog. It is called Learning to be Ourselves. I am interested in how we become ‘more ourselves’ as life goes on. We not only learn about our environment, but about ourselves at the same time. Somehow, even though I learn and change, it […]

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Evan on September 21st, 2009

This post is to alert you to a newsletter by Tom Volkar, which I hope you will subscribe to. So, I’d like to introduce you to Tom. Tom is a man after my own heart – though we are very different in style. I think of Tom as the yang to my yin. In his […]

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Evan on April 8th, 2009

First a confession: I have a problem with most coaching and self-improvement blogs.  They are often about people reaching their goals.  What’s wrong with that?  I think a lot of the goals are trivial or superficial.  If people need a lot of money to feel good about themselves, well, I hope they make a lot […]

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Evan on December 8th, 2008

Image by jez.atkinson Today’s post is a guest post. I’d like to introduce you to Ching Ya Wong. Ching Ya has been kind enough to do a post for me, and on the topic that I suggested that she write on – authenticity. Authenticity is I think a big and important topic, so I would […]

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