At the moment I’m doing pretty well, but not on top of the world.

Why is that? Mostly due to my work situation. My part-time job in the nursing home is good in some ways (I get on well with the residents) and stressful in others (workplace politics). My new website is going as well as I would like.

In the rest of my life things are pretty good. I am with a partner I love and we get on well. Any past trauma in my life (and I was fortunate in having a pretty benign childhood) is not getting in the way of me enjoying the present. I live in a nice house with people I get on with. Transport is OK (a bit limiting but fine for most things). I get on well, mostly, with my family and have lots of friends (online and off) that I am connected with. I maintain my physical fitness by going for walks in pleasant surroundings with my partner. I have a good tai chi class to go to. Overall my life is pretty good.

I wanted to do this post for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I was worried that writing this blog can give a false impression – that somehow I am always doing well, or in ‘perfect’ health. Secondly, to draw attention to how our situation influences our wellbeing and health. Blogs are read by individuals at their computer so my focus is on what we as individuals can do for our health (and there is a great deal that we can do). This can lead to a neglect of the social aspect of our lives in general (and health in particular). So I wanted to draw attention to this aspect of our health and wellbeing.

If you are interested in these kinds of issues, and how they effect psychotherapy in particular, a friend (Robert Graves) and I have a facebook page – that gets feeds from a blog – called Community Psychotherapy. It is not focused on things we can do for our health, as this blog is, but if you are interested in discussing psychotherapy and how including our context could change the way psychotherapy is done, we would love to have your join the page and comment on what we have to say. Hope to see you there. Evan

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