Long, long ago, in a universe far, far away (or so the story goes) there was a very strange land.

The name of this land was Slauq. In the land of Slauq all the people did all day was compete for jackets. There were many jackets – many colours and styles to fit many shapes and sizes. But the most coveted of all was the white jacket. The most able and talented all over the land of Slauq would compete for the right to where a white jacket.

Why did people want to wear such a thing? In Slauq it meant you were more likely to earn more money and people who could wear the jacket were deemed more trustworthy. (This meant that everyone would talk about the wearers of white jackets who turned out to be untrustworthy.) Those with the right to where the white jacket were allowed to do things that others weren’t.

The curious thing was that the way you earned the right to a jacket had little to do with what you did once you had it. Those who could memorise the words of the ancients were entrusted with training the new generation. Those who could say exactly where to find the words of the ancients were considered wise. Not only this, but there were even rules about how you could say where the ancients had said something! Slauq was a very strange place.

These jackets were different to any that exist in the normal world. They were made so that they became part of the person who wore them. They would gradually sink into the person so that they moved in particular ways – and even thought in particular ways. Most surprising of all, this was known and desired by those strange people of Slauq. It was a great compliment to a Slauqian to tell them that the jacket had sunk into them, had become part of them and that you could no longer tell where they stopped and the jacket began.

In all of Slauq there were only a very few people who thought this was silly. They said that it would be good to think about the future. They even asserted that it didn’t matter too much how you told others where the ancients had said what they said. Nobody paid any attention to these strange people – they were even laughed at. Slauq was a very strange place.

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5 Comments to “A Visit to a Very Strange Place”

  1. Nice story my friend. Very effective. It has me thinking about my jacket. Might be time to shed it before it grows too deeply within. 🙂

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  3. Evan says:

    Thanks Tom. They sure can be pesky to get rid of, my experience anyway. Many thanks for your comment.

  4. Argh Evan! A post that requires me to think! What is this jacket? Is it our collection of mental beliefs and opinions? Is it our ego? Is it our job position? Is it our religious beliefs/positions?

  5. Evan says:

    Let me know what you think Albert. Great as always to have you here.

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