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There is an awful lot of information out there. I forget who it was that said, “90% of anything is crap” but I think this is often the case. This means that the amount of good stuff is fairly small – if you can find it. (I’m one of those who think it is better to read one good book ten times than ten mediocre or bad books once.)

The best way to find the good stuff is to ask others that you trust. This is difficult when you are just beginning to check something out. (You may not know anyone who knows what you are interested in checking out. And how do you know who to trust?)

Another way to sort through the information is to look at summaries or reviews – that is where these two sites come in. They both give enough detail so that you can make up your own mind about the books reviewed (you aren’t just relying on the opinions of the person doing the reviewing).

First up is Health Book Summaries. Mike, ‘the Health Ranger’ who organises this site is probably regarded as being on the frings of the alternative health movement. He is open to conspiracy theories and is quite anti the US health industries (especially big pharma and government agencies). He is in favour of natural health and supplementation; with Mike you know what you are getting. However, he makes no attempt to conceal his perspective – quite the reverse, he is utterly up front about it. Having said this his bias is mostly in the titles he chooses to review. I have always found the summaries accurate, fair and very detailed. You will have more than enough information from the summary to know what you think of the book and certainly enough to know if you would like to buy it.

The Illuminated Innovant is a bit different. It has three contributors and it casts a much wider net. It deals with social and political issues as well as health. The reviews aren’t as extensive as the summaries at Health Book Summaries but they are usually at least the equivalent of an extensive review in a newspaper. The content is somewhat US-centric, there are quite a few recent reviews concerned with democracy, America (the US) and democracy in America. The reviews are mostly of books to do with social issues, however there are also reviews concerning the chakras and other health issues. The postings are quite rare, every few months. However the reviews are quite thorough and well done. If you are interested in these kinds of books then it is a site that is well worth checking out.

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3 Comments to “Two Book Review Sites”

  1. Ching Ya says:

    Coincidently, I’m starting to learn about writing book reviews, however more to novels.. would probably give these 2 sites a visit, I might catch some useful tips there. =)

    Evan, I’m gonna present you an award! For I’ve always enjoyed your writings and wonderful information about health & well being. Do drop by my blog and claim your award. =)

  2. Evan says:

    Thanks for your comment Ching Ya. I’m moving house to a different city tomorrow, so it might be a day or two before I get to visit your site. Hope you are having a good day.

  3. Ching Ya says:

    No problem, Evan. Hope everything goes well with the moving and your new place. So it’s going to be a whole new Christmas experience in the new city! Take care too! =)

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