These three blogs are all about consciousness and all come from an ‘eastern’ perspective. By which I mean that they are in the enlightenment traditions of faith and all give a place of honour to meditation.

1. First up is Tom Stine. I’ll do him first because he is the person who I feel closest to and with whom I disagree most passionately. Tom’s blog is explicitly about practical spirituality. Which means his perspective is similar to mine (if it doesn’t affect our lives it’s not worth spending much time on). Tom is also the most Taoist of the three. And I love Taoism for its very practical emphasis and down to earth wisdom.

As to the disagreement. I should say that I mostly don’t disagree, but on some things we disagree passionately. Most recently Tom did a post on “Are All Thoughts Untrue?” Tom’s answer is “yes” and mine is “no”. I guess you couldn’t get a bigger disagreement. The post was done more than a week ago and the comments are still going strong. It is a post very worth reading – as are many other posts by Tom.

2. I have written before about Albert at The Urban Monk. (He is not a monk in the sense of being part of an order). Albert is studying psychology at a university and so has a mix of eastern and western perspectives. Albert posts less frequently but with long posts. Each post is a very substantial treatment of one area in depth. He writes personally about what he has learnt from his own experience and always with an eye to how the topic can help us in our lives. He writes clearly and well.

3. Finally, but by no means least is Wade at The Middle Way. Of these three blogs this is the one that is most firmly writing from within a tradition. As you might have guessed it is from a Buddhist perspective. The Middle Way is described as “Commentaries on Meditation, Zen, Buddhism and Mindfulness”. Wade writes with awesome clarity about his experience (jealous? moi?) and the benefits of different kinds of practice. This includes the understanding of koans – check out his latest on Yunmen’s Sumeru.

These three blogs are all clearly written and are concerned with how what their topic can benefit our lives. I also must say that they all also deal graciously with comments: even those which disagree passionately and sometimes perhaps too tersely – I mean those by me. If you look at the comments on these blogs you will find I’m there and engaged. I recommend them all highly.

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9 Comments to “Three Great Easternish-type Blogs”

  1. Thank you for the recommendation Evan. I’m a big fan of the other two blogs too. And no, I love having you on my blog, you add so much value to UM.Net!

  2. Evan says:

    Thanks Albert. Looking forward to reading your blog, as always.

  3. Wade M says:

    Hi Evan, thank you for recommending I really enjoy having your comments on my blog. I love that you do question what’s written, and that you do see a different side of things.

    It’s great to see you not just following what’s written, there’s nothing at all wrong with dissent. We all get a little bit closer to the truth through questions. After all my vantage point is just that, and yours is just that also. Somewhere in the middle is where is reality.



  4. Evan says:

    Thanks Wade.

    Looking forward to our future dialogues and getting closer to the truth through them.

  5. Devin says:

    Nice entry again, Evan. Thanks for the recommended blogs you listed; I’ll be sure to take a look at them.

  6. Evan says:

    Welcome back Devin. I hope you like the blogs, I sure do.

    Thanks for taking the time once again to comment.

  7. Wade M says:

    @Evan, excellent, looking forward to it as well. In the mean time, I’ll surf around here a little more 😉



  8. Hey Evan, I just saw this post. Thanks for the thumbs up! I agree, I enjoy your comments and frequent disagreements. You cause me to think hard about my statements and see whether I really think what I wrote. Unfortunately, most of the time I do. 😉

    Thanks again, and keep up the great writing….

  9. Evan says:

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the compliment. I too enjoy the hard thinking our exchanges involve. Looking forward to more great writing from you. Evan

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