I’d like to introduce you to three of my friends and their blogs. These are friends in the sense that I have met them and shaken hands, and been in the same room as them. My blogging/virtual friends I have spoken of in other posts (and you will find a list of them in my blog roll). So, without further ado, please meet three of my friends.

I’d like you to meet Paul Moore whose blog Rabbit On is very personal. It is his poetry and prose written about his own quite personal experiences.

Here is a sample.
Where are all the nice guys?

We’ve gone.

We’re in relationships, safely locked away.
We’ve been trampled by the world because we were too nice.
We’ve stopped being nice guys and turned nasty and vindictive.
We’ve no time to be nice because we’re busy being responsible.
We’ve never reached the status of man because we haven’t yet grown up.
We’ve been overwhealmed with our own baggage and been too stubborn to confront it.

Then again …

Next I’d like you to meet Francis McGrath. Francis blog is Wellbeing Workshop whose primary aim is to “primary aim is to make illness, disease and medicine irrelevant to your life”. Francis writes across a wide range of health issues (he, like me, takes a wholistic stance). Francis is also a coach and offers a free half hour health consultation.

Finally I’d like you to meet PJ. PJ writes about her learning to create the life she wants. She has recently left a paid job and is learning about creating a business, making money and how this relates to a spiritual path. Her path falls (broadly speaking) into the Hindu tradition – she has a guru, uses mantras and so on. PJ’s writing is especially good, personal and vulnerable and always having content dealing with all the issues of creating your own life and the struggles that this involves. PJ also writes with a light touch – her sense of humour often shines through. PJ’s blog is PJLearnstoManifest.

I hope you will check out and enjoy meeting some friends of mine. Evan

2 Comments to “Some Friends of Mine”

  1. Thanks for these links, I’ll check them out —

  2. Evan says:

    Thanks Paul. If you’d let me know what you think I’d be grateful. And welcome, I think this is your first comment.

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