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Normally my blog posts I think are quite focused and intense. Today I thought I’d try kicking back, being a bit more relaxed and just chatting about what’s been happening with me.

1. The big event of the week was my blog getting taken down by my server host. I have a shared server as this is much cheaper. Unfortunately due to a rush of traffic to StumbleUpon (thanks to all of you who were part of making this rush happen) I exceeded my limit and the blog was taken down without warning. The problem should now be fixed by installing a plugin that allows this traffic to be handled. But it was a very intense day and half figuring out what to do – especially when waiting for replies from my server provider.

2. I’ve moved from Sydney to Hobart. Hobart is at 42 degrees of latitude – in the northern hemisphere this is about the same as New York, northern Spain and Greece and parts of the old USSR. It is quite chilly. (All of the UK is at a higher latitude than this, which I find a little frightening.) It is about as cold as Australia and the Southern Hemisphere gets. There is a little bit of South America and New Zealand and a few islands further south but mostly south of here is ocean then ice. It is a ‘cool temperate’ climate (though I think bloody cold temperate would be closer) rather than sub-antarctic.

It has taken about three weeks to adjust to the difference. Naturally I knew it would be lots colder, but I guess somethings you can’t anticipate. For instance putting cardboard under the mattress on the bed helped because the cold was coming up from underneath. The biggest challenge has been finding a way to keep my feet warm when just sitting aroung – they warm up fairly quickly when I go for a walk.

3. At the moment I am looking for part-time work. I really dislike full-time work – I find that I don’t have much time for life if I am working full-time. Which means adjusting my lifestyle to spending less (this I find easy to do and that there are few things I can’t do that I really want to do.).

The application process for government jobs in Australia is particularly ludicrous. For an entry level clerical position they require: a CV with certified copies of educational certificates, responses to selection criteria, a cover letter, and an official cover page; they also provide another page with advice to candidtes on it. All this for a position that is part-time and pretty much filing, wordprocessing and phone answering!

My hope when I started blogging was to make a full-time income working part-time. It still is but I have found that it probably won’t be from my blog directly (at least until I have enough traffic to be of interest to advertisers), I hope it will be from my membership course. This is my long-term plan.

4. The big theme in my life at the last few months, and for the last few years, has been extraversion – dealing with the world ‘out there’ beyond my skin. The way I have focused this is through vocation – finding a way to make money doing what I love. I hope blogging will fit in with this.

I was lucky in my 20’s and 30’s to have the space and support to sort out my internal world, this was an extraordinary privelege. It is now time to move on to the external world (this is the reverse to the normal order I think). This is quite a challenge for me. There are challenges about ‘grooming’ and presentation – both in person and in the blogospere, and especially marketing (something that I’m not particularly good at but which is essential if I am to earn my income doing what I love).

Well, that’s all I have to chat about I think. If you would like to have a chat and say what has been happening for you lately, you can do this by leaving a comment on this post. Look forward to hearing from you. Evan


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