There is a quite comprehensive site on hypnosis and health you may be interested in.  It is run by Ralph H Price and deals with how hypnosis can help with a huge range of issues: both the physical (smoking, weight loss, fitness) and psychological (anxiety, self esteem) and lots more.

I am not a hypnotherapist so I can’t give an informed judgement on how good the hypnosis scripts are.  And hypnosis isn’t my favourite approach to healing.  However, several people I respect use it and get good results for their clients with it; so I’m not hostile to it – it’s just not my thing.  (Some may think that I am obsessed with consciousness, and I would find it hard to disagree!)

The site itself, Hypnosis and Health, is mostly dedicated to products.  However there is a blog (really a links page to resources and free samples) where you can check out hypnosis in more depth.  So if you are new to hypnosis you will probably find some useful stuff there, including sample hypnosis sessions you can try.

If you are looking for some resources on hypnosis, or wanting to know about hypnosis there should be something on this site for you.

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