It’s been a while since I did a post about other blogs. So here’s the stuff I’ve found in my recent travels around the blogosphere. It’s quite a mixed bag, so there’s hopefully something for everyone. Most of them are about health but there are also a couple about business. They go from physically living forever to an internet marketer concerned about ethics (I leave it to you to decide which is harder to believe).

First the blogs considered with health. We’ll start with the ones focused on physical health.

I’d like to start with Let’s Live Forever by Robin Birch. She is not joking and is not thinking metaphysical or in heaven. She means living forever in the bodies we have now by them being continually renewed.

If you find this hard to swallow or just plain loony then this blog is not for you. I find my own responses to the suggestion interesting to watch. For instance, here is a quote from Robin’s About page which I find stimulating:

This blog is about the idea we can live forever if we want to. It’s also for exploring whether we want to. If we find ourselves thinking we don’t want to live forever, for this or that reason, we can be sure those thoughts are the ones holding us back in life.

That’s something that is certainly worth thinking about – whether I believe I can live forever or not. Robin is an Australian and doesn’t come across as preachy or a glassy-eyed loony at all. And she also looks younger than her chronological age (so, perhaps . . .?)

Next up a blog that is quite broad.Healthy Living. Get Cured by Simply Living a Healthy Lifestyle.

First the drawback: it has one of those nasty pop-ups when you first land on the blog. It also pops up every time you move to another page. It is for a giveaway (in exchange for your email address) but pop-ups drive me nuts – and are usually enough to ensure that I don’t visit that blog again.

Having got that off my chest, onto the important stuff. What is this blog like?

The posts are by different authors and cover a huge range of topics: from acne to weightloss to fish oil, dyslexia and insurance. The up-side of this is that there is something for just about everyone; the down-side is that the quality will vary and you won’t necessarily find another post by the same person. The writers also cover a range of approaches from straight western medical to more ‘alternative’. With such a large range of topics and approaches I can’t really comment on how reliable the information is – I simply don’t know enough.

There is no way to search the blog, there is no list of topics or an archive listing blogs by month. So it is a little unfriendly if you like the blog and want to explore it more – you just have to click back through the pages.

I think this could be a blog worth exploring. You may find there your exact problem covered from exactly the perspective you come from.

Next is a blog that is about as specific as you can get. How to Lose Weight Now. This isn’t so much a blog as a landing page for a newsletter (for signing up you get a free report). It is very much a case of it being what it says it is – which is exactly what I like. It is about how to lose weight now and it is the result of one person’s research on the topic and the results they achieved.

There is a huge amount of stuff on weight loss around, advocating different approaches and perspectives. Mine is to worry about fitness and health first. There are also various different types of diet advocated (my guess is that different body types may do better on different kinds of diets – so try out different ways of eating and find what works for you). The emphasis in this case is on fat loss – which is usually a healthy emphasis. (When it is unhealthy is when people try to eliminate all fat from their bodies which is extremely unhealthy – but it isn’t fair to blame people for the way their approach can be misused.)

If you are quite overweight it is well worth considering changing your diet and exercise habits. And if you do have excess fat then this approach may very well fit for you.

Another blog where it is exactly what it says it is pinhole-glasses-direct. It is a place to buy pinhole glasses. I don’t wear glasses and I’m not an optometrist, so I can’t comment on pinhole glasses from my experience. However I do know that some people have done away with their glasses by doing exercises and so on. I don’t dismiss the claims for the usefulness of pinhole glasses at all. My advice would be to try and find people who have used them and what their experience was.

I like that the blog has pages which try to explain why pinhole glasses work and the science behind them. (I don’t have the background to assess the scientific claims.) I also very much like that they have a disclaimer on the pages emphasising that pinhole glasses are for stationary viewing and shouldn’t be worn for driving.

The glasses are relatively cheap (certainly compared with the price of prescription glasses – at least in Australia) and so may well be worth trying out. Have a good read of the pages on the science and why they work, talk to others who have used them if you can find some and make your own decision.

Next up, mental and emotional health.

First mention here goes to a post by a Isabella Mori. I’ve done a quickie post about it already but it is such an important topic that I think it is worth mentioning again – anorexia in men.
Which brings me on to a blog about ‘men’s stuff’ in general, The Masculine Heart maintained by William Harryman. I find some blogs on men’s issues a bit of a worry. They sound like rants to restore the patriarchy (which I’ve never found attractive – although this doesn’t mean that I find the proposed alternatives much of an improvement, if any. Much to be discussed here but that’s for another day, maybe.) Thankfully this blog isn’t one of those.

The tag line: “seeking the strong tender heart inherent in men” gives a good indication of the feel of this blog.

Each post is usually an article from somewhere else with a brief introduction by William Harryman. All the posts I have read have been well written and well argued. It is a great resource if you are interested in the softer (in my opinion saner) parts of the men’s movement.

Recent posts have covered topics such as: Why Boys Fear Physical Education, Gender Stereotypes Hurt Men Too, Understanding the Dynamics of Abusive Relationships and 10 Reasons Real Men ‘Go Green’.

I’ve subscribed to it myself and think it a very valuable blog. It is one blog that I am very glad exists.

Johnathon writes a great blog called Illuminated Mind. It’s purpose being to ‘clarify your life and illuminate your mind. Johnathon has this to say about the purpose of his blog. It’s purpose is

. . . to bring clarity. [It] is about finding freedom; from what we’ve been conditioned to think will make us happy, freedom from the tyranny of our inner judge and victim. . . . Illuminated Mind is about putting our faith in empowering beliefs, ones that help us gain freedom and energy, rather than deplete it.

This is a blog about consciousness and beliefs but not at all floaty. Johnathon writes well, and concretely about topics that come become very abstract very quickly. His latest has quite a fun title too, “Why Going Out of Your Mind is Essential For Your Health”. Johnathon’s is one of the best blogs that I have found on consciousness. Take a look around it and I think you’ll like it too.

John D writes Storied Mind which he describes as “Writing to Recover Life from Depression”. While the focus is on depression and writing as a way of dealing with it, much is covered about the effects of depression on life in general, how life in general affects depression and different ways of attempting to heal and live with depression. I don’t think that you will get tired of the focus being just on depression.

John writes well and personally. His honest can be a bit confronting at times – not because he is offensive at all but because he speaks of the difficulties of his experience of depression. He doesnt’ shrink from sharing the difficult stuff as well as some of the good times. And he is a vivid story teller. John’s writing is usually a joy to read.

Usually I don’t post much about blogging or business because this blog is about health – and that is what I care about. However, I just want to point you to a couple of pretty remarkable business blogs. These are blogs by people who are after my own heart.

First there is Paul Piotrowski. His blog is called How to Make Money Doing What You Love. As this has been a quest of mine for the last 20 years it grabbed my attention (to understate the case more than a little).

His background is in the finance and personal development fields. He provides a free e-book on finding what you do love with exercises that are well worth doing and another when you sign up for his newsletter (which is about the power of multiplication – whether compound interest in the money world or the doubling of blog readers and income in the blogosphere).

He has a very friendly approach and writes practical posts. This is a very good value blog. If you are interested in blogging I think it is well worth checking out.

Finally a marketing blog Learning SEO Basics, “supporter of ethical marketing and consumer rights”, written by Kimberly Bock. “SEO” means ‘search engine optimisation’ for those new to the jargon of blogs. And what “search engine optimisation” means is, making it easier for the search engines like google to find your blog when people do searches. This is important as people usually only look at the first few pages of search results (if that), so having your blog as close to the top as possible will really affect how many readers a blog gets. SEO is a very big deal indeed in internet marketing.

What makes Kimberley’s blog remarkable is that she cares about ethics. Yes, an internet marketer that cares about ethics. It is remarkable and great to see.

A little while ago she wrote a series of quite angry posts about the lack of ethics in internet marketers – apparently due to an incident with someone who I don’t know. She has got over her anger now and is focusing on building something worthwhile. I love Kimberly’s passion – you won’t die not knowiing her values: they are stated clearly and up-front. And they are similar to mine: that quality matters; that ethics matters; that marketing shouldn’t be sleazy. If you are, like me, disenchanted with the world of internet marketing, then Kimberly is a tonic.

Paul and Kimberly’s blogs are blogs that are really inspiring for me.

15 Comments to “Blogs on Health and Business”

  1. I found some hidden gems through your post.

    Thank you

  2. Evan says:

    Hi Shamelle,

    Glad I could help. And thanks for letting me know that I did. Evan

  3. evan, once again, THANK YOU for talking about my blog.

    and what a thoughtful review, and objective and gentle.

    great to see my blogging friends william harryman and john d. here. i always find is astonishing how small the blogosphere really is. you always keep bumping into the same people.

    johnathon’s illuminated mind is a place i’ve just recently started to look at. i really liked his post about the counterintuitive methods to improve your life.

    i will definitely check out kimberley’s blog!

    thanks again – and i was going to say have a good day – but with the time difference between the canadian west coast and australia, i guess it’s midnight over there right now 🙂

  4. hideyuki says:

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    Moreover, it also comes, sir.
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  5. Thanks for considering my blog worth the read. I too enjoy your blog.

    I have been known to get a bit riled up over there, but for reasons of injustices that take place in the blogosphere which unhealthy for our present minds and the minds of our future.

    If I get a little bit out of hand, know that I’m at least being sincere and I don’t use that site for any sort of financial gin, so no ulterior motives unless it’s to create a consumer friendly world.

    Thanks again,

  6. Evan says:

    Hi Isabella,

    Yep, your comment arrived at five after midnight. I too have just discovered Illuminated Mind.

  7. Evan says:

    Hello Hideyuki,

    I’ll have a look at your site once it is up.

    Thanks for visiting.

  8. Evan says:

    Hi Kimberly,

    I don’t mind that you get riled up about injustice at all. I wish more of us did.

    Thanks for your comment and keep up the great work.

  9. make money online…

    Just the type of content I was looking for. Thanks!…

  10. Robin says:

    Thanks Evan for this! And thank goodness I don’t come across as a glassy-eyed loony! (to you, at any rate – I might to some folks!)

    I might look a little younger than I am, but I’m feeling pretty tired at the moment… due to mid-winter Melbourne, perhaps – we are thinking of having a bottle of either champagne or red wine – that might fix it!

    Cheers – Robin

  11. Evan says:

    Hi Make Money Online,

    Glad you liked it.

  12. Evan says:

    Hi Robin,

    I’m pretty sure I’ve been regarded as a loony in my time too.

    Having just moved to Hobart I’m finding that my sleeping pattern has been affected; sleeping more. Don’t know if I’ll adjust or if this is just due to the longer nights.

    Champers or some red sounds like just the thing!

  13. John D says:

    Thank you, Evan – It’s so helpful to see another view of one’s blog. Your comments are both thoughtful and nurturing – and very much appreciated! And thanks too for introducing me to so many other good blogs. Of those you mention, Isabella’s is the one I know best, and hers is so consistently good. I look forward to exploring the others.

    John D

  14. Evan says:

    Thanks for the appreciation John.

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