In my experience the Myers-Briggs’ Type Indicator (MBTI) is the best overall description of personality. I have found that it is a good description of my own personality (the other personality quizzes I have done have never managed this) and is also accurate for those I know well.

Kenneth Meyer runs a blog and website called Personality-Power-For-Everyday-Living. It is the place for pretty much any aspect of life viewed from the point of view of the MBTI. His website provides links to resources and books, and on career choice, relationships, reasoning, structuring the day and much more. He also has good introductions to the different concepts used in the MBTI as well as descriptions of the sixteen personality types identified by the Indicator.

Ken’s site and blog is I think virtually a one-stop-shop for the MBTI.

I have two slight reservations. The first is the more serious. It is that Ken sometimes oversells what a knowledge of our personality can do (he is far from Robinson Crusoe in this). On the home page he says that with a knowledge of our personality we can

. . . find the perfect job, the ideal partner, the most suitable business associates-in short they could lead lives of value and meaning!

My response to this kind of claim is: “If only!”. The circumstances of our lives and the actions of others also influence all these things.

The second, less important in some ways, reservation is the page can look pretty overwhelming. And it looks like it was designed by someone answering the question, “Now what good is the MBTI for . . . [this area of life]?” rather than answering the question, “What on earth is the Myers-Brigg’s Type Indicator and why should I care?” This can be a little off-putting for someone who is new to the MBTI. You’ll probably need to spend some time getting to know your way around. The information is there but accessing it may take a while if you don’t know the indicator already.

Having said this, a knowledge of our own and others’ personality types can be a huge benefit. It can remove confusion about our own motivations and actions, it can help us related more deeply and effectively to others, it can give us clarity about where things are going wrong in our work and relationships. In short the MBTI can offer huge benefits. And I think Ken’s site is probably all you need to know about it to start benefitting from it. Highly recommended.

2 Comments to “A Great Blog on The Myers-Briggs’ Type Indicator (MBTI)”

  1. Sarah Luczaj says:

    Thanks for this Evan (I get there in the end!), it’s a great site. I have only recently discovered the types myself and am pretty stunned by how accurate they are. I’m an INFJ – would you mind sharing yours?

  2. Evan says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I’m an INTJ. I too find Myers-Briggs stunningly accurate.

    Thanks for your comment.

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