There is a great blog authored by Ryan Randolph on “men’s issues” called Yang Town The Path of Masculine Power.

On his about page Ryan quite openly discusses the difficult relationship that lead him into exploring the difficulties of relationships, especially romantic relationships.

Don’t be put off by the sound of “the path of masculine power” this blog is not about how to be a male chauvinist. While his approach is probably more overtly masculine than mine he posts about the courage to be vulnerable and the benefits of meditation as well as advice on dating. I always find it stimulating and a fresh take on what can so often be issues where it is so often stereotypes that are promoted.

If you are interested in these issues then Yang Town is well worth checking out. (“Yang” is a Chinese word associated with, among other things, the masculine principle which complements the feminine principle).

One caution the videos and other things for sale in the side bar contain adult material.

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