There is a great blog about blogging authored by Caroline Middlebrook. This is a little off the topic of health but I thought some readers are probably interested in blogging too.

Caroline has only been blogging for a few months but has already made a big impact. I think there are two reason for this. Firstly is her honesty and secondly is that she thinks through things and so delivers great value.

Firstly there is her honesty. Her post about her relationship break up was particularly striking but a more recent one on the ‘scams’ of interenet marketing is also great.

Secondly, there is her ability to think things through. If you are familiar with blogs about blogging you will know that the advice to leave comments on other blogs is common. When Caroline read this advice her reaction was:

I decided that I needed to clarify exactly what my purpose was and figure out how to achieve it in the most efficient manner.

What’s The Purpose of Blog Comments?

I have several distinct goals when it comes to leaving comments on other peoples blogs. They are:

  1. Grab the attention of the readers
  2. Grab the attention of the blogger
  3. Develop my personal brand
  4. Create some backlinks

It’s quite amazing that blog commenting can do so much really! But something I noticed was that each of those goals requires a slightly different strategy.

She then gives the strategy she used for each of these goals. This is so much more valuable than the simple ‘comment on lots of blogs’ advice that is usual.

She has also just released an ebook on setting up blogs on WordPress that is excellent.

If you are interested in blogging and the blogosphere I think Caroline’s is the pick of the blogs available.

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  1. Thanks very much Evan 🙂

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