Sadness helps us finish with what is important to us.

Sadness is important in our lives for at least three reasons.

1. Some endings are inevitable.

Change is always with us. If we don’t want anything to change we will be always frustrated and this is no recipe for a healthy life.

If we don’t embrace change we will be stuck with “the same old same old” whether these are habits, relationships, ways of working or whatever. And the more we stick with them the more likely they are to keep us stuck in the past, unable to make new friends, learn new things or develop new ways of doing things.

Habits and the old ways aren’t bad, they are very useful and make our lives easier. But this is only true when things stay the same. For instance you may greet your friends the same way each time you meet. This may help. But if you then talk about the same things in the same way every time this is less likely to be satisfactory.

2. Sometimes it is better to move on.

I don’t think there is a magic formula to know when to move on and when not to. However, sadness is part of this process. If we can allow ourselves to feel our sadness fully we won’t be stuck with regrets, we will be able (in time) to start afresh.

3. Sadness softens us.

Those who don’t feel sad tend to be hard and harsh. As we soften we can be more sensitive to others as well as our own needs.

What is sadness like for you? Has it helped in your life?

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