I have a guest post on the Psychology, Philosophy and Real Life blog. It is called Mirror Games: Confusion When We Influence Our Environment.

It is about that difficult time in relationships when we aren’t sure who is influencing who and who is responsible for what, and it is awfully difficult to know what to do. I guess we have all been in that kind of situation. I offer some suggestions for what to do when we are in that kind of situation. I hope you like the post and find the suggestions useful, Evan.

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2 Comments to “Mirror Games”

  1. Excellent article. All of our past experience influence how we behave, think and express ourself. Not everyone respond or reacts in the same way. For the arguement example, my natural reaction would to be to back away others would become more argumentative. Mine is based in my childhood, but in therapy I become more mindful as I explore the issue. Eventually, I can respond to a situation instead of react…tough for everyone to learn. I believe that it is good to look at the past and if one stays “stuck” there, there is a reason to explore. People play things over and over again for some reason.

    Present is also very important especially in the moment of interacting. Again, learning to be thoughtful and respond instead of react. Also, there may be an opportunity to reconnect with the “break” in the relationship.

    In terms of the future, what we learn from the experience informs the future and there are natural consequences.

    Sorry to go on…just my immediate thoughts…present!! 🙂

  2. Evan says:

    Hi CC, for me therapy is an education in autonomy/awareness/mindfulness in many ways. (I don’t mean education in the classroom sense.) I very much agree that if we are stuck somewhere there is a reason for it. Your immediate thoughts are insightful and thanks for leaving them here.

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