Just a quick link to a fantastic post by Albert the Urban Monk.  Albert’s blog is one that is of consistently high quality.  And this post is truly great.

He deals with unconditional acceptance and how we could give it.  He then deals with really listening and respect.  These are big issues and they are dealt with in a practical way.  Taking this kind of thing on board can change your life.  I really recommend this post.  It is called Acceptance and Attention – the basis of unconditional love and nurturing.

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3 Comments to “Acceptance and Attention – the basis of unconditional love and nurturing”

  1. Sonam Ben says:

    Can’t get the link to open to the blog column “acceptance and attention-the basis o unconditional love and nurturing”

    can you please resend?

  2. sarah luczaj says:

    can’t find a link at all!

  3. Evan says:

    Sorry folks, my mistake. I’ve now updated the post. Apologies once again. Evan

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