This post is about a blog that is rapidly becoming one of my favourites. It’s called Unleash Reality and it is writtern by Alex.

He has an article that introduces the blog and gives you an overview of what it is about.

Alex’s blog is in the self-development field. His emphasis is on taking action rather than the more introverted (visualise, change your thinking and feeling) side of the story. He talks about these things too but emphasises the need for action. As he says on his welcome page, after inviting you to read his introduction page and some of the recommended articles,

…and then – this is the important part – stop reading for a while and actually do something and apply all this stuff to improve your life. Stop reading and get up and make something happen. Get up and Unleash Reality.

This gives a good indication of Alex’s emphasis.

I have been subscribed to Unleash Reality for a while now and have found the articles consistently well written and thought provoking. Alex brings an interesting slant to what he writes about and always has something to say. He is also young – especially to be writing this well and with this depth (I feel both paternal and envious).

So, check out Unleash Reality – I think you will find it very worth your time. I think it is definitely one of the better blogs in the self-development field.

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4 Comments to “Unleash Reality”

  1. Hey Evan!!

    Finally found your blog! 🙂

    Thanks so much for this, really appreciate it. such kind words.

    Gave it a stumble and checking out your other articles now.

    keep well!
    alex – unleash reality

  2. Marie says:

    You’re right, Evan . . . I checked out Alex’s site and found it to be awesome . . . thanks for sharing this treasure . . . I have added him to my blogroll!

    – Marie (Coming Out of the Trees)

  3. Evan says:

    Thanks Alex, glad you found it. I’m going to make it more prominent on the site but it’s techie stuff so it takes me a while. Hope you like my other articles. Keep them coming on your blog too.

  4. Evan says:

    Thanks Marie, I’m glad you like Alex’s site (I do).

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