The Intuitive Warrior: lessons from a Navy SEAL on unleashing your hidden potential by Michael Jaco

Shattering Stereotypes
This is a surprising book. Try to imagine who would write a book on developing your intuition. The book also talks about the “law of attraction” and speaks about the development of the military-industrial complex and how we need to end war. It also speaks of the need to not be controlled by your ego and experiences of synchronicity.

My bet is that the person you imagined was not a member of the US Special Forces (the Navy SEALS) who has also served in Iraq. Michael Jaco is a very surprising person. This book is his story, especially how he has developed his intuition and the implications that this has.

What the Book’s About
This book is about how Michael developed his intuition – and how you can too. There are practical instructions on the basics of developing your intuition. The instructions are practical and easy to follow.

The development of intuition is told through stories from Michael’s life as a warrior (serving in the US Navy and later as a security contractor). These stories are sometimes quite dramatic. Developing your intuition to help you make better business decisions is one thing; using your intuition in a situation that may save your own life and the lives of those under you command is something else again! Stories about intuition in this situation have a way of commanding attention.

The possible draw back is that the stories are mostly about martial arts and the military. If you don’t like these parts of life then you may not enjoy the book. I must say that I am someone who is well and truly in the peacenik camp – and I think this book is quite worthwhile. Michael makes no attempt to glorify war (and towards the end speaks of the need to end it). He also doesn’t indulge in ‘blood and guts’. No doubt because he has been involved in war, he makes no attempt to give it a Hollywood treatment.

The stories are quite well told and revealing, at least to someone like me who has no interest in things military. The rigours of the training for the Navy SEALS are mind-numbing. I don’t know how anyone survives it.

It also gives a glimpse into the culture of camaraderie that is so necessary in these forces, and is quite different to what is sometimes thought. For instance, that your life literally depends on teamwork. Michael also talks about being a warrior (and dedicated to a higher purpose) rather than just a soldier. This book gives a good glimpse into the mindset of someone in the special forces.

The Writing
The writing is direct and simple. There are no rhetorical flourishes. A sense of Michael’s personality shines through. Sometimes it feels a little flat and there was the occasional tortured sentence. However, I found that if I read it a chapter at a time instead of reading it straight through that this was not a problem.

This writing breathes authenticity. There is no doubt that Michael is directly reporting his own experiences in a plain and straightforward manner. This is important – some of the things Michael has experienced and the topics he talks about can be quite ‘out there’.

This is a good book, a well told story and clear instructions on how to develop intuition. Even someone like me, who is fairly much a peacenik, found that I agreed with almost everything in it.

If you would like to develop your intuition this is a great place to start. The instructions are straightforward, it is easy to read and the stories are quite involving.

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7 Comments to “The Intuitive Warrior”

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  2. Adelaide says:

    “Chapter at a time” seems sensible.

    Also the warrior-soldier distinction is an important one.

    Jaco literally put his life on the line.

  3. Evan says:

    Hi Adelaide, thanks for your comment.

  4. Michael Jaco says:

    Hi Evan,

    Thanks for the honest, insightful and inspiring review of “The Intuitive Warrior”. I promise to work harder on my sentence structure in the next book. Sometimes even a good editor needs a little something more to work with.

    I am in a combat zone as I write this and can tell you that the ideas in the book are being put to practice in transforming war. I have finally been able to find a couple of guys, that I work with, that are practicing using their intuitive abilities and influencing their environment in a positive way. We have had no violence for the entire time we have been focusing our thoughts on love and projecting them out. It helped tremendously that these guys have read my book!

    Thanks again for your thoughts and know that with your help a transformation within humanity from one focused on war to one focused on peace is gaining momentum.
    Love and light, Michael Jaco

  5. Evan says:

    Hi Michael, thankyou for the book. It’s wonderful to hear that you have found some people to co-operate with you. Here’s to the momentum for a peaceful humanity!

  6. Tj says:

    Evan glad you could give your insights. I found many other and insightful testimonies as to how and what people thought about Michael Jaco’s book at http://WWW.MICHAELJACO.COM and the Amazon book review site. I feel it is always a good idea to get many insights into things as I am now listening to my own higher self for what is my truth.

    I also consider myself a PEACEMAKER and I am very humbled and proud to attach that title to myself. I found this book to shed light on the nature of what a warrior is and why they have been of importance to life. When you begin to understand that within a warrior is a peacemaker you begin to see these beings as a beautiful creation of the Creators/God mind. They are true leaders in the Art of Peace. The are pioneering and leading the way towards Peace. To be able to go into the extreme conditions that they are lead into and to be able to navigate through and many times out of the situations they encounter leads me to understand that someday these warriors will be the ones who no doubt lead us out of the hell of war and, through the gates into a New and Peace Filled World.

    I see this kind of being in Michael Jaco as he tells his stories in his book “The Intuitive Warrior” I see a different type of warrior in his book. One who has begun to understand who he really is and, that ALL THINGS are connected and, that what one believes he has done or will do to another human being no matter his religion, race or gender, he is only TRULY DOING TO HIMSELF. This is a “conscious warrior” and that is important to me. His words are simple and his stories are riveting but his message is POWERFUL and one I believe in very strongly being a Peacemaker.

    I would recommend his book to anyone who believes in the power of LOVE and also believes that one must take an action if one is to be of service to his fellow man. In the pages of this book you will see the action Michael has chosen to use time and time again is really the only action necessary to achieve the service required to/by humanity as a whole. That action is LOVE.

    Thank you Michael for revealing and sharing parts of yourself as you travel on the path to self mastery.

  7. Evan says:

    Thanks for your comment Tj. Like you I think Michael is leading us a peaceful way of being. Thanks for your comment.

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