On the Psychology, Philosophy and Real Life blog I have a guest post about belief. Recently a friend and I have been having an email exchange about authenticity, what this means for our experience and whether this is compatible with any kind of belief.

It has been an extremely stimulating dialogue and got me thinking about what I mean when I say ‘belief’. And how this relates to what I mean when I say ‘experience’. I don’t have a settled answer to this.

The post is called Is There an Experience of Belief? It is about exploring this whole matter – I use the example of what it means that me and my partner believe we will be together for life. I hope you like the post. I am very keen to hear how others experience belief and any thoughts they may have about how this fits with experience.

Looking forward to hearing from you, Evan.

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5 Comments to “Is Belief Compatible with Experience?”

  1. I couldn’t find the article. As a Christian my experiences must match my beliefs in order for it to become a conviction. So, not only are they compatibile to me they are essential. They also inform each other.

  2. Evan says:

    Hi CC, that’ll be because I forgot to make the link. Fixed now. (Helpful Hint: don’t try and do something that requires thinking as you are rushing to leave somewhere.)

    Conviction is an interesting part of this story I think. So is the way that belief and experience inform each other. Often people think of experience confirming or falsifying experience (that experience gets the final say). If you’d like to say more about this I’d be interested to hear.

    Many thanks for your comment.

  3. Off the top of my head, I think that there are four elements to what you are talking about. They are belief, experience, conviction and faith. To me they all inform each other. I BELIEVE that cars will stop at red lights as they usually do, EXPERIENCE. I have FAITH, not blind faith do to my experience. Therefore, I have a CONVICTION that all cars should stop at a red light based on my BELIEF, FAITH AND CONVICTION. This isn’t a very good example, but I think all of them inform each other which lead to our thinking and behavior.

    I too am a fan of the Myers-Briggs, they actually went to the same college as I did. I was surprised at how accurate it was and how it really encapsulated my experience of myself. Over the years, I have noticed that I remain an INFJ with some differences in percentages…some more and some less. I also love Gestalt. It is so much fun with group therapy. I’m not so much a fan of TA, but I love Object Relations!!

    Oh, if my blog fits your criteria for you blogroll, I would be honored to be added. If not, it isn’t that big of a deal…no problem.

    Anyway, sorry to digress. I would love to continue to discuss the four components as written above. We could either do this by a thread or by my email address which is ClinicallyClueless@Verizon.net.


  4. My belief, faith and experience lead to my conviction which also informs the others.

  5. Evan says:

    Hi CC, belief, faith, conviction and experience are certainly related. I’m not clear on how exactly at the moment. It is certainly interesting to think about.

    I’m an INTJ in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. I’ll certainly think about adding you to my blogroll. At the moment I am thinking of moving this blog to my website, so everything is all in one place. So I’ll probably wait ’til that’s happened.

    Thanks for your comment.

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