I made this vow after leaving a job I had been in for three years.  It was a pretty good job too – working in the national office of christian-based youth and community work organisation.  The work I did made a difference to our staff and the people I worked with were good to get along with too.  The only down side was that one person in the office chose to regard himself as my boss – I chose to disagree, which led to unresolvable tension.

It was a far better job than many people need to do.


Gradually my interests had changed.  I was developing my own approach to spirituality and I didn’t want to keep doing office work.  And there wasn’t really any place to go in the organisation.  Also, as I found more of my own approach the organisation was becoming more streamlined.

At many levels the organisation and I were divreging.

As the door closed behind me for the last time I found, to my surpose, that I was walking on air.  For the first few minutes I didn’t realise what was happening, and then I realised how glad I really was to be out of that job.

This was nearly twenty years ago.  It made a decisive change in my life.  In the subsequent years I wrote my own christian physical spirituality.  I investigated massage, which led me to zen shiatsu, which led me to acupuncture, and continuing my interest in psychotherapy.

For me it was a turning point.

I’m wondering how many other people have had turning points like this.  If you have, perhaps you could respond, as briefly or lengthily as you like, and tell me a little of your story.

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