This is a link from Kaushik on his blog Beyond Karma. Kaushik writes with insight and simplicity. At risk of being too simplistic Kaushik writes from the perspective of ‘non-attachment and letting go is the path to happiness’. I have a few quibbles with this perspective – and I put some things differently than they are said in this perspective; but Kaushik always has something to say, it is said clearly and it is always insightful. It is easily one of the best blogs that I know of.

This post is about how valuable it can be to not get what we want. Kaushik addresses our pain and our patterns and how to let go of them. It is a very good post indeed.

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  1. Steve says:


  2. Evan says:

    Apologies Steve, I must have been half asleep or something. Here’s the link, many thanks for letting me know. Evan

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