Robert Graves, a friend of mine, and I have a blog. It is called Community Psychotherapy.

We started it because of our frustration with the way most psychotherapy is done. The impetus was Robert’s work as a community development worker. The normal ways of doing psychotherapy (ie. talking one on one in an office) didn’t work in this context. Evan had long been frustrated with the professionalisation of psychotherapy. So we started writing about our discontent and what we would like instead.

At this point our blog was taken down. It is now back up – which explains why the posts are over a year old. This may be a minority interest. Psychotherapy is probably a minority interest and questioning and thinking about improvements to psychotherapy probably appeals to an even smaller minority. However, I think it is an important and interesting topic. If you do too, we’d love to hear from you. Any and all comments you have are most welcome. Looking forward to hearing from you. Evan

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