This post is about me. A departure from my normal posts that I try to keep focused on stuff that is useful for your wellbeing and health.

This post has been provoked by Tom Volkar at Delightful work (you will find a link to it in my Blogroll to the right of this post).

Tom, like me focuses on authenticity – my website, eCourse and first book are all called Living Authentically. It is great to have someone like Tom around who keep challenging me on my own focus.

My focus for the last couple of decades has been: How can I make my living doing what I love? This blog is part of that experiment. It took me a while to figure out my main focus for the blog and to then add the website to focus more specifically on authenticity and selling products. It’s been a learning process for me.

Recently I’ve been focusing again on the business aspects of blogging. I’ve gone back to my favourite business book Lyons and de Bono’s Marketing Without Money. They point out that entrepreneurs can enter crowded markets with entrenched players and still do well – which they often do by focusing on a cause and defining their own race, rather than competing directly. Always thought provoking.

I have also read recently Chris Anderson’s Free. It is mostly irrelevant I think to the blogosphere because this is already how we operate – providing free content and then trying to link this to money making endeavours. On my reading he doesn’t make any suggestions that bloggers aren’t already doing. He did provoke me to wonder about providing a PDF read only file of all my eBooks as well as the downloadable version that can be purchased. Not sure whether this would be brave or just plain stupid. Still thinking about it.

Possibilities to explore are on line classes – material provided beforehand and a discussion group where I would guarantee to participate during particular hours (bit of a trick with me being in Australia, but do-able) – or calls. Also offering personal coaching on living authentically – using various options: on line, classes, calls.

At the moment I feel I’m in a bit of suspended space. For a few days I had the opening of a line from a Chris Brennan (an Australian poet) running through my head. Then when I woke up with it in my head one night I remembered a later line from it. They are the first and last lines of this quotation:
I said, this misery must end
Shall I that am a man and know
That wind and sky are still my friend
Sit huddled under any blow?
So saying left the dismal room
And stept into the mother-night . . .
– Christopher Brennan Poems [1913]

I feel that I have stepped into that ‘mother-night’. It’s not scary just a feeling of suspension/waiting. Not so much overwhelming as about small relaxations.

That’s it from me.

For those of you, like me, trying to connect our authenticity with money making I’d like to leave you with a three step process that Tom offers in his post Ring the Authentic Bell and Win the Big Prize:
1. Declaration
2. Confession
3. Forgiveness

Well written, with Tom’s distinctive enthusiasm and rawness it is a post well worth reading for those of us on the journey of authenticity.

Would you like to feel less stressed?
Could you do with more joy in your life?

The answer is living authentically. Buy the book or sign up for the course now from my Living Authentically website.

2 Comments to “Update from Evan”

  1. Hi Evan — I’ve been feeling like I’m in that limbo space as well right now — I’ve approved the final proof of my book, and I’ll receive the copies soon. I feel like I’ve done all the marketing planning I can do for now, and so I’m in waiting mode. Ah, I’m sure there’s more I can be doing — maybe I’ll read another marketing book. 🙂

  2. Evan says:

    There’s always more of them to read aren’t there? Hope you’re enjoying the waiting.

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