This blog has now moved to Living Authentically. This will be the last post to appear on this blog.

This is a big relief for me. It means my blog and products will be able to be all in the one place. I have moved all the content from wellbeingandhealth to there, so nothing is lost.

This process has taken me much longer than I hoped it would. Apologies for the infrequent posts of late, this has been the reason.

I hope that you have benefited from this blog and so will keep following me on the new blog. To make it easier to follow my posts there are a couple of options. First, for those who feel at home with blogs there is RSS subscritpion. You subscribe by clicking on the orange button – you will then receive each post I do when I do it in your reader. You can click on the big orange button, which subscribes you through the blog; or the smaller orange button in the first sidebar, which subscribes you through feedburner. Second, if you don’t have a feedreader, or are less familiar with these kinds of things, you can receive each post when I publish it into your email inbox – simply type your email where you want the post delivered into the box at the top of the first sidebar.

I also do a free weekly newsletter. This is a quick post each week to give a practical tip about living more authentically – with ourselves and with others. To be put on the mailing list for my newsletter, on the Living Authentically site, just click on the link in the sidebar headed “Newsletter”, and you will be taken to a page where you can give the email address that you would like it to be delivered to.

On the new site, I also have a free report on living with authenticity. To get a copy click on the link called “My Free Report”, below the newsletter link in the sidebar. It is a PDF of about fifty pages full of practical exercises on living with authenticity so that you can experience a life of lasting satisfaction.

Over the next few weeks I will doing some tweaking of the new blog – adding product pages and the option of booking individual sessions with me, as well as pages that will be a guide to the new blog.

Would those of you who have been kind enough to link to wellbeingandhealth on your blogs please change the link to Living Authentically, I’d be very grateful?

I will also be becoming an affiliate for the first time. (For those not familiar with blogspeak, this means selling someone else’s product for a percentage of the sale price – the online equivalent of retailing.) This will be for Nacie’s Happy Rich system, which I think is excellent. In the meantime you can find out about it and buy if from Nacie here.

I hope you have enjoyed and benefited from wellbeingandhealth, I look forward to seeing you on Living Authentically, Evan.

7 Comments to “Time to Move”

  1. I’ll be following you to your new site. Making changes right now including my blogroll link. Thank you for making comments on my blog. I really appreciate it.

    take care,

  2. Evan says:

    Thanks CC, I really like your blog and think it is very valuable. Thanks too for following me to my new blog – it’ll be great to have you along. Take care, Evan.

  3. I like your way of expressing things. I will also love to follow your new blog.

  4. It always easy to move on and leave things which are not good for you. Simple formula to spend life.

  5. love your site. !

  6. Ilham says:

    Good post
    Thank you

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