This post is to tell you what “LOHAS” is and how I found out about it.

Last night I went to a marketing seminar (from an Australian group called Aware Business) as you do. The people running it seem quite genuine and warm – not the first qualities I associate with business and marketing so this was a delightful change.

The reason I went was to hear a couple of speakers from an Australian company, Mobium, talk about marketing in the health and wellness field. It was these guys (both speakers were male) who introduced me to the term “LOHAS”. It is an acronym which means, “lifestyles of health and sustainability”.

This refers to a group of people who have a set of linked values around the issues of

health, the environment and social justice.

This means, for instance, that if someone goes to an acupuncturist or a yoga class they are more likely than the general population to also be interested in the environment and social justice.

When I heard this I realised that there really was a word for my interests and my approach to life. It wasn’t that the earth moved but it did feel good, it felt like a relief.

“LOHAS” is a term invented by American marketers. The group it refers to was first identified as “cultural creatives”. I read the book that first identified the “cultural creatives” a while ago and wasn’t terribly impressed: 25% of a country culturally creative? Not likely. 25% of artists aren’t creative so the idea that a quarter of the people in a country are is just lunacy. So renaming these people as those interested in health and sustainability seems far more accurate.

What this means I am still thinking through. I am feeling excited and thinking through possibilities. I am not sure whether to add some content about topics other than health to this blog or to perhaps start another blog. If you have any thoughts and feelings about this let me know.

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