I’m getting married today.

It is the smallest possible ceremony – immediate family and a few friends.  If I don’t respond as quickly to comments as usual this is the reason.  It will be my second marriage and my partner’s first.

Back to normal in a couple of days.  Evan

28 Comments to “I’m Getting Married”

  1. Daphne says:

    Evan, congratulations!

    Best wishes to you and your wife.

  2. Barbara says:

    How lovely!

    A new life celebrated, welcomed and consecrated at the new year.

    Best, Evan.

  3. John D says:

    Congratulations, Evan!

    That is such wonderful news – I wish you all happiness.

    Take more time off!

    We’ll talk soon.


  4. Evan says:

    Thanks John.

    Talks soon. Evan

  5. Evan says:

    Thanks Barbara.

    Wishing you new life too Barbara.

  6. Evan says:

    Thanks Daphne. Hope life is good with you too.

  7. Ching Ya says:

    OMG!! Congrats, Evan! Wish you a great life ahead, so happy for both of you! Take care.

  8. sarah luczaj says:

    Congratulations Evan!! Wow!

  9. Miranda V says:

    i bookmarked this article….thank you

  10. Evan says:

    Thanks Chinya.

  11. Evan says:

    Thanks Sarah

  12. Evan says:

    Thanks Jean.

  13. Evan says:

    Thanks Miranda. Glad you liked it.

  14. Diane says:


  15. Evan says:


  16. Congratulations! You are now with you other self.

  17. Evan says:

    Many thanks NP.

  18. Mate, I know this is a few days late, a big and hearty CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  19. Evan says:

    Thanks Albert, appreciated. Hope things are good with you.

  20. rummuser says:

    Evan, I come here via Jean’s blog. I could not resist the temptation to click on commentluv under your comments that you were getting married.

    Congratulations. I hope that your first post in a couple of days will be on what you meant by “Back to normal in a couple of days.”

    I like your blog and intend visiting often. Don’t mind me, I am by nature a jester!

  21. Evan says:

    Hi rummuser,

    (Musings on your favourite drink?) Welcome, I like Jean’s blog too. What I meant by back to normal was keeping up with my usual posting schedule, quite pedestrian I fear. I’ll check and your blog and see if it is about musing on your favourite drink.

  22. Cynthia Springer says:

    Wonderful! Very good choice. Officially now you’ll live longer. Have fun.

  23. bikehikebabe says:

    I’m not usually Cynthia Springer here. I’m bikehikebabe.

  24. Evan says:

    Not only live longer but be happier too! Something that fits in with my plans! Thanks for your comment.

  25. Evan says:

    Hi bikehikebabe, I can delete the comments if you want to stay incognito. Evan

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  27. Evan says:

    Hmm. Spam?

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