For most of the next week I’ll be busy attending a conference – as well as travelling to and from it. I guess this is more of a change than a holiday. I don’t know that I’ll get to post much during this time. If the blog is a bit quiet for the next week or so, this is the reason.

I’m making some changes to this blog in the next little while. I’ll be moving it to the Living Authentically website, so that this blog and the products that I sell are all in one place. I needed to have them split for business reasons when I started Living Authentically, but no longer need to do this. It will feel much nicer for me to have most of what I do all in one place.

The hassle will be that if you wish to keep receiving posts you will need to click on the RSS subscription button again. Or you can receive the posts by email by entering your email address in the box provided. The button and the email subscription box are both located at the top of the column to the right of this post. I hope you have enjoyed the posts I have done and that you will want to keep receiving them. If not, I want to say thankyou for your support, and I hope that you have benefitted from my blog.

I have also finally got organised enough to use an autoresponder to deliver my newsletter. The tech stuff is a bit of a hassle for me; a geek I’m not.

Until now I have been sending the emails by hand. Apologies if there have been mistakes, this is the reason. This means that I will be putting all of you who receive my newsletter in at the same time, so that all of you who currently receive the newsletter will all receive the same one from now on. I have been sending the newsletter once a week for the best part of two years (with the exception of one week, where I let things get on top of me). I am now into the mid- to high-nineties for the newsletters. If you would like to have the newsletters between the one you are up to and the rest so far, just let me know and I’ll email them to you.

I’m also making a new product at the moment. It will be a weekly reminder to tune in to your self, to make a habit of authenticity. I think it will be targeted at bloggers, to help them re-connect with why they got into blogging in the first place; and of benefit in other parts of their lives too.

I’ll be making these changes over the next couple of weeks. Hope it all goes smoothly.

As you can see lots is happening in my part of the blogosphere. I hope life is good where you are, Evan.

Would you like to feel less stressed?
Could you do with more joy in your life?

The answer is living authentically. Buy the book or sign up for the course now from my Living Authentically website.

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2 Comments to “Holidays and Changes”

  1. Chris Edgar says:

    Hi Evan — sounds like some exciting developments coming up — if you’d like to do another interview about the upcoming product I’d be honored to do it. Then you can include it with the super bonus materials! Or not. 🙂

  2. Evan says:

    Hi Chris, I’m excited about it all. Another interview would be great. I’ll get back to you when things are settled down and it’s all ready to go. Many thanks. I hope life is good with you.

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