Apologies, my site was taken down by my bog hosting provider.

If you couldn’t find my site for the last day or so this was the reason.

The problem was probably that a spike of traffic from StumbleUpon occupied too much of the server that I share. It should be fixed now, we installed a plugin that somehow accommodates these spikes through caching (no idea of the technical details). Which means that it shouldn’t happen again.

Apologies, I hope the problem is now fixed.

2 Comments to “Apologies, Server Problems”

  1. Bill K. says:

    Hi Evan,

    Little late catching up on your blog. You’d think your Web host would realize what happened and not penalize you like that. That sounds more like something done when someone starts spamming from the server. That must have been one heck of a spike you had.

  2. Evan says:

    Hi Bill,

    I guess it was – it’s frustrating that I’ll never know.

    Thanks for commenting.

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