Hi Folks, I’m taking a week’s break from writing for this blog. With writing eBooks and doing an interview and my part-time job I’ve got tired. I’m feeling pressured and this is no state to write useful stuff in. So I’m taking a week off writing for this blog. For the next few days I’ll provide some links to interesting stuff I have found and that has been sitting in my bookmarks, but nothing original from me.

Hope life is good where you are, back soon. Evan


2 Comments to “A Week’s Holiday”

  1. Chris Edgar says:

    Is your interview about your book?

  2. Evan says:

    No, just about me and my approach in general. It’s a good deal less comfortable for me to be talking about myself. I think I’d rather it be a conversation, but this would mean that the other person and I would need to have mutual interests, which isn’t always the case. In what I write I can use my experience to illustrate what I have to say and hopefully give a sense the personal impact of what I am talking about. This is much harder to do in an interview. I’ll provide a link to it and give an idea of what’s in it when it’s up. Hope life is good where you are. Evan.

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