Many thanks to Barbara who alerted me to the fact that many of you may not have been seeing the graphic on my blog posts.  It turns out to be an Internet Explorer problem.  So, if you’ll all just leave the evil empire (Microsoft) and change to Mozilla . . . Seriously, I’m sorting it with some people who understand techie stuff and assure me it will be fixed soon.  Thanks again to Barbara.

My plans for the future are a couple of ebooks and a course (which I’ve spoken of before).  I’ve written the PDF free report to publicise the course I want to do.  (It’s called, “It’s Not About Success” – you can click on it or click on the page in the sidebar on the left, if you would like to read it now.  All and any feedback I will be extremely grateful for.)  I’m in the process of writing the course and also another free report PDF to publicise the blog.  This report will be a way to design a lifestyle for long-term health: I think there is a lack of things that helps you put all the health information  together in a way that is viable and sustainable.  It is really a guide to helping you design your lifestyle in a way that maximises your chances of a long and healthy life.

As always I welcome all comments about any of my posts.

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