Living Authentically Brings You Lasting Satisfaction

The cause of stress and the cure.

Most of us live lives that are stressful. The way out of this is to know ourselves and do what we love.

There are ways to dull the pain (there is a whole industry devoted to painkillers and even alternative methods: sometimes meditation is (mis-)used in this way). But this doesn’t deal with the stress, it only dulls the symptoms.

The problem with stress is not what we have to do or even the amount we have to do. Whatever the task there is someone who enjoys doing it (so the problem is not what we have to do). And when we love what we are doing then doing it with all of our self can be a positively joyful experience (so it’s not the amount we have to do).

So, what causes the stress? It seems to me that the stress comes from doing what doesn’t fit for us. Stress is when what we are doing doesn’t fit who we are. And the antidote to stress is to do what we love, which means knowing what this is and being able to follow through with it. In short, authenticity (knowing who we are and acting in accord with who we are) is the solution to stress.

Inside you’ll learn…

  • How to have lasting satisfaction in your life.
  • Where and when you stop experiencing satisfaction.
  • The stages our experience goes through.
  • How these stages apply to each dimension of our lives.

What’s in the course?

The course is forty emails. Each email applies one of the eight stages of experience to one of the five dimensions of our lives. There are five emails per week for eight weeks. They are designed to take about one hour each to work through. Naturally you can spend more or less time as you desire and some of you will want to spend more time or some less than others, but this is a rough guide to what you can expect. There will also be an online students’ group where you can leave any questions or comments and where you can discuss the lessons with each other.

The five dimensions of our lives dealt with are: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social.

The eight stages are most easily remembered as being like the four seasons with each season divided into two parts:

Winter: Rest

  • stage one: resting
  • stage two: disturbance

Spring: beginning of movement

  • stage three: looking around
  • stage four: locating the particular thing

Summer: active

  • stage five: checking the thing out
  • stages six: gaining mastery

Autumn: harvest and storage

  • stage seven: assessment of our experience (satisfied or not?)
  • stage eight: learning, growth and change.

You can find more about my story and how I’ve developed my approach to health on my About Me page.

The next course will be offered in April 2009. The course costs US$27.00.

Looking forward to seeing you in the course, Evan.

Links to blogs and posts about authenticity. (I’ll keep updating this as I come across more.)
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A nice post Jason Jacobsohn’s Networking Insight on how authenticity is a quick way to connect.
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4 Comments to “Living Authentically”

  1. Robyn says:

    Do you still offer this course? April of 2009 was more than a year ago.

  2. Evan says:

    Hi Robyn, If you like I can certainly enrol you. Some people bought it then demand dropped off, so I put it in hibernation. I think people found it a bit content heavy. If you’d like to do it I’d be happy to enrol you. If you prefer I can send it to you all at once and you can go through it as you wish (however it is about 75 pages of A4 and mostly exercises). Get back to me about what you’d like to do.

    P.S. I have now moved to a new blog – it still contains all the content from this one plus some newer posts – at

    Many thanks for your interest.

  3. […] have an eight week membership course, Living Authentically. The next course will begin in early 2009. You can find out more about the course on my […]

  4. […] have an eight week membership course, Living Authentically. The next course will begin in early 2009. You can find out more about the course on my […]

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