It’s Not About Success is my free report.  It is my guide to living a life of lasting satisfaction.  It is fairly long (about 50 pages) and is mostly practical exercises that you can do (introduced with some theory).   You can download it from this link.

It’s Not About Success (pdf)

It is a guide to different stages of your experience.  The exercises introduce you to each stage and how they contribute to a satisfying life.

If it is not about success, what is it about?  I think it is about authenticity: living a life that is authentically your own is the only way to have lasting satisfaction I think.  So It’s Not About Success is also a brief introduction to my membership course, Living Authentically.  You can read about the course on my Living Authentically site.

Enrolments for the course are open now. The course costs US$27.00. You can sign up now by visiting my course page.

Looking forward to seeing you in the course, Evan.

8 Comments to “It’s Not About Success”

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  2. Mustafa says:

    Hi Evan ! Your report “Its not about success.” is great material. Is is written with sincerity , with a balance which is rare. Most such articles are one sided and don’t give a fuller perspective. I read a lot of articles everyday but rarely comment unless I am impressed. You are a good man.

  3. Evan says:

    Thanks Mustafa. It’s delightful to me that you liked it so much. And thanks for letting me know too – it is really good to hear.

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  6. […] free report, It’s Not About Success, is available on it’s own […]

  7. […] free report, It’s Not About Success, is available on it’s own […]

  8. […] free report, It’s Not About Success, is available on it’s own […]

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