These comments are as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald – the reputable Australian broadsheet newspaper (this is another broadsheet referred to by some of us as the “Government Gazette”, owned by the same person who owns the US’s Fox News – and is of the same “quality”.)

If you have a psychiatric problem then your ethics don’t matter.

You can be forced to go against your own ethics and beliefs. The ethical position I’m talking about is vegetarianism. [Disclaimer: I’m not and never have been a vegetarian.]

Consider this quote from Stephen Touyz, co-director of the Peter Beaumont Centre for Eating Disorders at Wesley Private Hospital and professor of clinical psychiatry at the University of Sydney:

“If a person became vegetarian well before the development of their eating disorder, then we accept their vegetarianism as a healthy part of their identity and we don’t insist on them eating meat as part of their recovery. That’d be unreasonable. But if vegetarianism is adopted around the time of the onset of their eating disorder, then we consider meat avoidance to be a symptom of the illness and there’s no compromise. Meat meals are part of the treatment.”

There you have it: if you get diagnosed your ethics are part of your illness – and others get to decide whether you should live by your own moral code. Isn’t it nice of them to ‘accept’ our ethical position? (it doesn’t seem to be a possibility that we might not accept their ethics – they are sealed, safe from challenge, behind their white coat of professionalism). I don’t think it is too strong to describe this as “evil”. And it is frightening that these people will be genuinely well motivated; they will truly believe they are ‘helping’.

If you are diagnosed with a psychiatric condition, put your life on hold, no ethical development is permitted; just let the doctors decide.

I find it difficult to find the words to express enough outrage: I’ll have to rest content with “evil”.

If you have had a psychiatric diagnosis, how have you been treated by the doctors? Have you had your beliefs and ethical codes respected?

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