I don’t mean just the stress caused by tax time – though this is no doubt relevant too.

Our tax systems rewards some people and falls more heavily on others.

The first example I always think of is: fertilisers and pesticides being subsidised, so organic farmers are effectively penalised.

But there are examples that affect us suburban dwellers more directly. In Australia companies are able to pay for cars as a fringe benefit to their employees. However, public transport does not attract the same tax advantage. If it did this would probably increase the amount of walking people did and have considerable health benefits – it would also have the health benefit of reducing the pollution caused by cars.

And while I’m on about cars.

The deaths from cars (worldwide) are mostly pedestrians and cyclists.

It would be great to see roads made safer for pedestrians and cyclists not cars (people before machines). The reason this gets so little airing I suspect is because most of those in the debate are associations of car owners. And governments cater to these groups.

How do you think our taxes could be spent to encourage better health?

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