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Below is a link to a panel on the social determinants of health. It’s about 50 minutes – audio only so it shouldn’t take too much bandwidth.

The drawback is that the panel contains a couple of politicians. However, it also contains the brilliant Michael Marmot (who in my opinion has revolutionised our understanding of health) and the great David Korten (who is brilliant on the impact our social organisation has on individual’s health). It also has an Aboriginal Australian woman who has worked with Aboriginal people (who have the worst health status in Australia, third world health in a first world country: our treatment of our indigenous people is the great shame of Australia).

[One piece of background information. The Aboriginal woman on the panel helped do a study of the sexual abuse of children in indigenous communities. After this report where the indigenous people willing spoke about this horrendous issue the previous conservative government responded by sending in the troops and taking away many of the basic rights of indigenous people. The newly elected Labor government – the Democrats is the US equivalent – has maintained this policy. If you wanted any more fuel for your disgust and contempt for politicians this is enough.]

It’s a great panel and well worth a listen. Here’s the link.

The Wealth Healthy: Wellbeing’s Social Determinants

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