This is about the difference that one doctor has made. His name is Arne Rubinstein an Australian doctor who saw a trend amongst his patients. He saw that many problems for boys emerged around puberty (say between 10 and 15).

His response was not to treat the symptoms of the individuals medically but to set up something of a social innovation. It was to set up a rite of passage for boys of this age that would help them move from being boys to men. It is essentially a camp that it is attended by the boy and his father (or male caregiver). This organisation is now called Pathways. There have now been more than a thousand boys have attended a Pathways camp.

What an inspiring innovation response to a health problem. To recognise the role of our society in creating our health is still not recognised enough. They are currently developing a similar program for girls and women.

My guess is our health could be improved if there were a few more such responses.

  • The transition to retirement for working class and middle class men springs to mind immediately.
  • There may need to be one later than this, with our extended lifespans, for the transition to the fragility of old age.

I find this to be a truly exciting and inspiring initiative.

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