We are often told to follow our bliss.  I’d like to say that it is also useful to follow our pain.

Pain is nature’s way of getting our attention.

Deadening it with pain killers isn’t a good first option.  It is better to first find out what is causing us pain.  Then we may need to change what we do.  The pain killers may be the next option (there is no virtue in pointless suffering).

But . . . the cause of so much of our pain can be harder to pin down.  In Australia the figures suggest we are living through an epidemic of depression.

There is almost no questioning of a way of life that causes so much suffering.

Instead the discussion is about how to treat it – and the answers are pills and various forms of therapy.  All of these therapies can be useful and should be widely available – there is no virtue in pointless suffering.  However, I think looking at causes should rate a deal more attention.

It seems a widespread social problem.  So perhaps the causes are widespread and social.  To just treat individuals seems inadequate.  It is vitally important for the individuals but to only have an individual strategy seems a cop out by the health authorities.

There are many reasons for feeling pain – and physical causes should not be overlooked.  Ongoing pain means something trying to get our attention, and a trip to the doctor could save your life.

So this post is a plea to listen to our pain, and to make our first response to listen to it and find out what it is trying to tell us – to find out the reason for our pain (which may be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual in my view).  Then to see what we can do about the cause of our pain.  To see our pain as a warning sign and not just something troublesome to be removed.

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