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Recently my best friend had a does of food poisoning, or some stomach bug.  They woke up at 4:30 in the morning and started vomiting every 45 minutes.  We got to a medical centre as soon as it opened and she got some pills to stop the vomiting.  From here it was a case of convalescing.  And though it took a few days for their stomach to get better, and they still felt nauseous, there was no more vomiting.

I didn’t want to get sick like this.  So I did everything I could to stay healthy.  As well as not drinking from the same things as my friend and so forth I also wanted to check in with my body.  I did feel a little nauseous and was a bit worried – vomiting every 45 minutes is really nasty.  So I asked by stomach what it needed.  And this is when this phrase occurred to me: “flood this body part with goodness”.  At this point my nausea settled a little.  So for the next few days, every now and again, I’d come back to this phrase while sensing how my stomach was feeling.  Thankfully I didn’t get the stomach bug.

Am I sure that it was this phrase that did the trick?  My feeling is that it helped.  Does this mean that it would work for you?  No.  Does it mean saying this phrase would have made up for me being silly and not taking care in other ways – not sharing cups and so on.  I don’t think so.  But in myself I feel that it helped.

For me the phrase felt like a discovery.  I didn’t feel that I thought it up, it felt like a part of my body talking to my conscious self.  I didn’t search through affirmations I know or anything like that.  It felt like the phrase came to me without any thought on my part.  It came with a feeling of release and relaxation.  There was a sense of golden light – though not a terribly visual sense (doesn’t make sense really, I know.  But that is the best I can do to communicate what it was like.  There was a sense of light, but I didn’t imagine it visually – I’m not a very visual person). 

As I stayed with the phrase over the next few days a visual aspect did emerge.  It was a smiley face.  Rather like those emoticons you see in some posts.  It changed according on how my stomach; a smiley face when my stomach was feeling good, a sad face when I was feeling a little nauseous.

Since then, when going for my walk in the afternoon I have experimented with using this phrase on other parts of my body, and seeing the smiley face according to how other parts are feeling.  When I do this I feel myself relax and walk more easily.

Finally I have a bit of a mixed feeling about the phrase itself.  It sounds to my ears a bit clunky.  It doesn’t have the resonance of those affirmations like: loving energy means I digest life and nourish myself easily.  If I had invented the phrase consciously I would have wanted to come up with something like this.  And I did try out other phrases like this but they just didn’t fit as well.  And it is a very Evan kind of phrase – quite direct but not exactly graceful.  I was most surprised with the word “goodness”, I would have used the word ‘love’, if I had come up with the phrase consciously – or perhaps ‘healing’.

So that’s my story of how I found this curious phrase and how I’ve worked with it since.  If you want to try out my phrase and see how it affects you I’d love to hear.  Also if you want to check in with your body and find what phrase (or visualisation or something else) comes to you I’d love to hear about that too.  Please tell me what you find in the comments.

2 Comments to “Flood this Body Part with Goodness”

  1. Hi Evan… This reminds me of the Inner Smile practice in Qigong and Taoist Yoga. Very cool.

  2. Evan says:

    Thanks Tom. Yes, I hadn’t thought of that.

    Thanks for you comment.

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