We eat every day. What we eat affects our health and how our food is produced affects not only our health but has to do with other people’s lives (the work they do, how well they are paid and so on. This post is a quick round up of posts on the place of food in our lives.

First is a story of neighbourhood re-generation – about communal ownership of land and food growing in Brixton (where the riots took place) in England. This is part of a growing trend in the UK and US (though sadly not in Australia – where I’m from).

Next are a couple of posts from Organic Jar. The first is about how to eat in a more healthy and ecological way. It is ten tips on eating green. This includes diet (advocating a raw diet – about which I have significant reservations), social justice (buying Fair Trade) and ecology (organic, less packaged). It is a great post which manages to balance the personal, social and planetary. A great list to stick up on the fridge and keep as a reminder.

Finally to the very domestic level. Five plants you can easily grow organically at home. They are: aloe vera, pole beans, carrots, herbs (companion planted), and lettuces. These don’t take much time or looking after, and can form a good part of our diet.

If we change how we produce our food and what we eat our society will change: from the roots up!

If you know of any inspiring stories about new ways to produce food or good information about eating organically and locally, please let me know in the comments. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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2 Comments to “Healthy Food, Healthy Society (Making Utopia Real #4)”

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  2. Adelaide says:

    Jason Cairns is definitely right about community gardens: I think nearly every local council has one or more.

    What are your reservations about raw food/the raw diet?

    Fair Trade, on the other hand, is very good, especially for chocolate and coffee.

    My Papa has always complained (since 1991) about useless modern packaging.

    There is a good site called City Farmer full of magazines and societies from all Australian states. Actually it is a page from the Canadian Department of Agriculture.

    Gardenweb is really good too and so are some of the many sites on organics.

    Out of the plants described, we only really grow lettuce, and some of the fancier types too, as opposed to iceberg. Aloe vera and companion herbs are interesting.

    Just quickly, I wonder if you might have seen The first Tuesday book club about literary utopias especially and the dystopias too?

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