More evidence of the importance of anti-oxidants.

The results are only preliminary (test tubes and rats) but they are remarkable. The growth of cancer cells can be slowed and in some cases the cancer cells are killed.

The anti-oxidants involved are those which give fruit and vegetables a purple, blue or red colour. The star performers are purple corn and chokeberries (whatever chokeberries may be),

the anti-oxidant from these, in lab tests, stopped the growth of colon cancer cells and killed 20% of the cancer cells.

The study was led by Monica Giusti, from Ohio State University.

When rats with colon cancer were fed these anti-oxidants the rate of cancer fell by60-70%.

So far the anti-oxidants haven’t been tested for their effect on cancer in humans. So we don’t know how much of these things we’d have to eat to reduce our chances of getting cancer. And we don’t know if it would be possible to give these anti-oxidants as a supplement – a daily anti-cancer pill.

But these findings certainly seem to be good news. And it adds weight to the argument for eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, which will lead to better general health too.

Is this study enough to influence the way you eat? Do you take anti-oxidant supplements?

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