A common component of fruit and vegetables (pectin) has been shown to kill prostate cancer cells.

The study was published in the academic journal Glycobiology, the August issue, and was conducted by Debra Mohnen at the University of Georgia UGA Cancer Center where the study is also reported.

So far this is only a laboratory experiment – putting prostate cancer cells in the same test tube as pectin. It is not clear what happens would happen to prostate cancer cells when we eat pectin, or eat it as part of fruit and vegetables.

But the finding is remarkable: 40% of the prostate cancer cells exposed to pectin died. Dr Mohnen’s research also found that:

. . . if you take human prostate cancer cells and add pectin, you can induce programmed cell death . . . If you do the same with non-cancerous cells, cell death doesn’t occur.

Pectin has also been shown (in the lab and in animal studies) to kill colon cancer cells.

Pectin has another health benefit (even if we don’t know how much eating it will fight prostate cancer): it reduces cholesterol.

All of which means that there are more good reasons for eating extra fruit and vegetables.

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