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The “five spirits” are part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. (Sorry to disappoint those of you who are Scotch drinkers – like me.)

This is a link to a post by my good and long-standing friend Geoff Wilson. One of the remarkable things about Geoff is that the content of his posts and products is always good. He maintains consistently high standards for the quality of his content.

First up the post about the five spirits. These are sometimes known as the ‘five elements’. They are: earth, metal, water, wood and fire. Each of the spirits exists in our bodies as well as in the environment. They manifest in various ways in our bodies.
Earth – digestion (stomach and ‘spleen’)
Metal – elimination (elimination – lung and colon)
Water – vitality (kidney and bladder)
Wood – initiation (liver and gall bladder)
Fire – serenity and compassion (heart and small intestine)

As you can see, this is a very different approach to our health. This post gives a more comprehensive introduction to the five spirits. In outline, it gives a good overview of the whole of our health (physical, emotional and mental). Geoff lays it out clearly – he writes well and always has an eye on the practical application. For a good introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine or a simple way to have an overview of your health, this post is a good place to start.

Geoff has also produced a more extensive introduction to our psychology from the point of view of the five spirits. It is a two DVD set called Your Mind Your Medicine: Change Your Thinking; Change Your Life.
Initial impression: a great introduction to the mind and its influence on our health.

In detail
This is Geoff delivering a series of presentations on the role of our mind in our health from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine (with the emphasis on the Buddhist and Taoist perspectives).

It is a video of him delivering the seminars. This could become boring, but Geoff’s material is good and he has spark when he is presenting – so it isn’t a problem. To cover the material in depth takes quite a while, these DVD’s I think represent value for money. There is about 2.5hrs of content which cover the five spirits of our health as well as the symptoms that show which spirit is troubled. Geoff also covers the emotions that indicate which spirit is troubled.

Any drawbacks? If you get bored by watching a presentation this style may be a problem. It would be worth viewing it in bite size chunks. I think the content is good enough to make it worth persevering with.

In summary: this is a great introduction to a simple and comprehensive way to view our health and a great introduction to the psychological aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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