The simplest introduction I know to healthy eating is by Bob Flaws and is called The Tao of Healthy Eating.The Tao of Healthy Eating

This is an excellent introduction to healthy eating from the perspective of chinese medicine. It is written well and is easy to read. There is little jargon and it is possible to start following this way of eating without huge adjustments or finding special ingredients or supplements.

He starts with simple things – that our stomach operates at body temperature (so if you eat very cold food some of the energy that would go to digesting is spent warming our stomach back up to body temperature).

His dietary recommendations are largely in line with western healthy eating guidelines, ie. cut down on the sugar and fat. My own quick summary is to picture a tub of icecream with a poison symbol on it (too cold, too sweet, too fatty). A little occasionally is delightful but a lot regularly is not helpful.

His big idea: the healthy diet that is easiest to maintain is grain based (wheat, corn, rice and so on). This can provide nutrition with a relatively low number of calories. To this base is added meat – as a supplement not as the base. Then lots of fruit and veg, if you are worried about weight gain you can pretty much eat as much fruit and veg as you like.

It is possible to eliminate grains but this is tricky. You may end up eating a lot of salads when you go out. It is useful to eat a wide variety of fruit and veg; eating one thing and getting bored can lead to overeating. Finally it is better to eat fresh – this avoids the preservatives and additives which aren’t much use nutritionally, even if they are harmless to our health.

These are simple things, that we can start doing now, and will have us feeling healthier quite quickly. This is an excellent guide to healthy eating.

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