Exercise And Fitness

Evan on September 25th, 2009

Some years ago now some researchers wanted to study the oldest and healthiest populations. They marked these on a map with blue circles. And so these areas came to be known as “Blue Zones”. There is an on-going project to research these long-lived and healthy people. The results of studying these people – giving us […]

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Evan on April 30th, 2009

Image by zappowbang Throughout the world there are groups of people who are known to live to quite advanced ages.  What’s more these people tend to live to a healthy old age. There is now a project to study these different groups and what they have in common.  The zones of healthy old people are […]

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Evan on April 7th, 2008

   Image by erloteiel 1. You’re Never Too Old. In a recent study of 213 people, aged from 70 to 89, the better the participants’ adherence to a physical activity program, the greater their improvements in physical functioning. At the beginning of the study, all of the male and female volunteers were sedentary and had […]

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Evan on March 5th, 2008

Image by Tinou Bao A Little Exercise can Decrease Fatigue Sedentary people who regularly complain of fatigue can increase their energy and decrease their fatigue engaging in regular, low intensity exercise, according to a new University of Georgia study published in the February issue of the journal Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics. Tim Puetz the lead author […]

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   Image by Steve Weaver 1. Mobile Phones For years there has been debate about the effects of radiation from mobile phones. The debate is still not settled. The newest evidence is that the radiation from the phones does affect your skin. A new study completed by the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) […]

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It’s been a while since I did a post about physical health.  Lately I’ve been mostly dealing with psychology.  So here is a longer post to make up for this a bit. To have good health doesn’t require adopting unusual or bizarre behaviours.  Doing little things can make a big difference.  (This is for those […]

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Evan on November 13th, 2007

These excerpts from Australia’s Radio National’s Health Report interviewing Steve Blair (Professor of Exercise Science at the University of South Carolina). They are extraordinary findings.  Yes, this comes from a large epidemiological study (following about 80,000 people), we call it the aerobic centre longitudinal study and we’ve been following these people for now over 25 […]

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Evan on October 12th, 2007

Schooling can be bad for your health. Especially if you are an adolescent woman.  Christine Halse at the University of Western Sydney has been conducting research on the impact of schooling on young women, especially concerning anorexia.  The paper is in the journal Gender and Education, 19(2), 219-235.  The whole story is told in her […]

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