Chinese Medicine

Evan on June 27th, 2009

Acupuncture is going to be trialled in hospitals in Australia. It will be used in what we call the Casualty (or Emergency) departement. The trial is to examine how well acupuncture treats pain. It will last for three years and is funded by Government funding body the National Health and Medical Research Council. The funding […]

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Evan on May 26th, 2009

Image by FF6600 The “five spirits” are part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. (Sorry to disappoint those of you who are Scotch drinkers – like me.) This is a link to a post by my good and long-standing friend Geoff Wilson. One of the remarkable things about Geoff is that the content of his posts and […]

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Evan on April 23rd, 2008

Image by  sarcozona It’s been a while since I talked about Traditional Chinese Medicine, so maybe it’s time I did. There are various disciplines within Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Most famously acupuncture.  It also includes herbs and food and other things.  But today I’d like to talk about exercise. There is a whole universe of health […]

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Sarah Luczaj writes a blog about psychotherapy called Psychology, Philosophy and Real Life. It is hosted on a website called Counselling Resource. The site is pretty good too, but for me Sarah’s blog is the highlight. Why do I like it so much? Firstly because Sarah deals with significant issues. Recent topics are happiness, mindfulness […]

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Evan on October 13th, 2007

In today’s Sydney Morning Herald (News section p.9) there is a report that the Medical faculty at Sydney University will include Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in its curriculum.  [Background Information: Sydney Uni was the first University in Australia.  Its medical faculty was the first medical school in Australia.  Sydney Uni is one of the group […]

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Evan on June 20th, 2007

In a US study it was reported that acupuncture worked better than placebo for osteoarthritis. The group that received acupuncture had 40% less pain and more function than those who received sham acupuncture. This is quite an impressive result. I found out about this study from a blog It is one of my favourite […]

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Evan on May 7th, 2007

In our culture yang (the active) is usually valued more than yin (the receptive). This leads to us needing to have more yin in our life. Firstly, this means getting enough sleep. Secondly it means injecting a little more yin into our day. The worlds most popular way of doing this is meditation. This is […]

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Evan on May 3rd, 2007

There is much advice about telling us what to eat. Some of it is the search for the one wonder food that will guarantee us good health. Even if this was successful, who would want to eat just one thing? So we need to find out what is good for us. We also need a […]

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