Evan on April 30th, 2009

Image by zappowbang Throughout the world there are groups of people who are known to live to quite advanced ages.  What’s more these people tend to live to a healthy old age. There is now a project to study these different groups and what they have in common.  The zones of healthy old people are […]

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Evan on April 29th, 2009

Acid-Reflux-Heartburn-GERD.net is a site that has heaps of information about heartburn. (GERD means gastro-oesophageal reflux disease). The site has different sections devoted to acid reflux, heartburn, GERD and indigestion. Each of these sections has different pages devoted to causes, symptoms and treatments as well as possible links to other ailments. There is also a page […]

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Evan on April 27th, 2009

Image by judofyr At times I think we need the space to just stop. The time to wait and see what (if anything) happens. This isn’t being productive. Goals aren’t achieved or deeds accomplished. This kind of time is not valued in our society. What happens if you tell people that you’ve been doing nothing? […]

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Evan on April 27th, 2009

Just a quick note to alert you to something I find very encouraging. Isabella Mori and others have organised Mental Health Camp – using social media to fight the stigma of mental illness. This seems to me to be a very positive initiative. You can read the notes from Isabella’s opening address here. Read it […]

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Evan on April 24th, 2009

Image by PhotographybyDani My new website livingauthentically.org is up and running. The Journey It has been quite a ride.  Numerous details that I hadn’t anticipated had to be dealt with. I just want you to know that if you want a blog that has a forum, a place to sell products and a way to […]

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Evan on April 23rd, 2009

I have a guest post on the Psychology, Philosophy and Real Life blog. It is about rejection and how to deal with it. I talk about why we feel rejection so strongly, what we can learn and how we can respond when we feel rejected. It is called, simply, Rejection. Bookmark It Hide Sites

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Evan on April 21st, 2009

Robert Graves, a friend of mine, and I have a blog. It is called Community Psychotherapy. We started it because of our frustration with the way most psychotherapy is done. The impetus was Robert’s work as a community development worker. The normal ways of doing psychotherapy (ie. talking one on one in an office) didn’t […]

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Evan on April 20th, 2009

I’d like to give special thanks to Nacie of The Life Uncommon and Chris of Purpose Power Coaching. Nacie did an extensive and detailed review of my book and e-course in this post. Chris did an interview with me about Living Authentically. It was a pleasure – the interview flowed due to Chris’s skilful pacing. […]

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